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The Network - 26/11/2012


Europa Cinemas Awards 2012 - Best Programming


Star – Strasbourg - France.

Established in 1984 and member of the Europa Cinemas network since 1995, the Star had over 150,000 admissions in 2011 in its five theatres, which have recently been equipped with digital projectors. This year the team receives the Best Programming Award for the diversity of films screened: over 40 nationalities were represented, while three quarters of screenings were dedicated to European films. As Stéphane Libs, director of the Star and the Star Saint-Exupéry explains: “The Star’s vocation is to promote auteur films, innovative works and European films, and to help discover what foreign film traditions have to offer.”

This commitment is reflected by the cinema’s many activities, notably for Young Audiences, with events like Animastar, a festival of animated films, and the Festival VO Cultures Originales  which aims to give secondary school pupils a taste for films in the original version.

2012 has seen no shortage of emotion. This spring the cinema faced considerable financial difficulties when its rent was increased. The authorities got involved and the Star’s viewers contributed towards saving their cinema, underlining how important it is for a city and its inhabitants to have a cinema close at hand. Apart from previews, festivals and cycles of heritage films, Stéphane Libs has organised evening meetings between the cinema’s team and the public to discuss programming as well as questions regarding the management of an independent cinema in the heart of town.