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The Network - 27/02/2012


Europa Cinemas Awards 2011 - Best Young Audience Activities


Europa Cinemas Awards 2011 _ 2

The Young Audiences award goes to three cinemas this year, paying tribute not only to their excellent results and initiatives for young audiences, but also highlighting a new form of cooperation among exhibitors. The GFT, the DCA and the Filmhouse belong to the Young Audiences Cinema Network Scotland (YCANS), a network of cinemas committed to activities geared toward young Scottish film-goers. Several times a year, seven cinemas gather to discuss programming policy, the activities they've put in place, print sharing and joint applications for financial assistance.

Paul Mac Gregor, Katharine Simpson, Nicola Kettlewood, Ian Christie

In Glasgow, Jaki McDougall and the staff of three at the GFT's educational department have adopted a pro-active policy regarding young audiences. Aside from film education programmes developed with schools and universities in western Scotland, the GFT's activities have the particularity of involving young people in the life of the cinema – something that each year results in the Glasgow Youth Film Festival. Every week a group of young people get together to organise and programme the event with the help of the team. On the creative side, Wee Movies is a filmmaking competition for under-18s. The films selected are projected in the cinema and featured on the website of the GFT.

At the DCA in Dundee, Alice Black and Katherine Simpson organise the Discovery Film Festival, the most important festival for young audiences in Scotland, with an essentially European programming. The films shown in the festival are also reprogrammed throughout the year in the cinema and partner locations. The DCA organises screenings for school children, and rounds off its activities for young audiences by providing teachers with relevant teaching materials.

Discovery Young Ambassadors From DCA

At the Filmhouse in Edinburgh, school screenings respond to the needs of 'Media Studies' students. Here too, interactivity is the watchword: More Than Movies features 16 thematic workshops notably proposing both film analysis sessions and practical activities like making a short film, animation techniques and special effects such as make-up.

These cinemas' successes and the networking of their competences, supported by Creative Scotland, are a sign of Scotland's special commitment to film education.


"A model of social commitment" – Andrew Dixon, Creative Scotland

Filmhouse, Edinburgh - Glasgow Film Theater