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The Network - 22/04/2013


A warning signal on independent cinema in Spain


Meeting on the weekend in Paris, the members of Europa Cinemas’ Board of Directors and Committee of Experts learned with astonishment and sadness of the bankruptcy proceedings initiated by the company Alta Films, and the planned closure of 180 of its 200 screens.

Company president Enrique González Macho describes the reasons that led him to take this grave decision: the Spanish state’s general lack of interest in the cinema, as well as that of the public and private television stations for auteur films, the lack of an anti-piracy campaign, the catastrophic increase in sales tax on ticket prices at a time when the Spanish population is going through an unprecedented crisis.

The drop in attendance has badly hit the cinemas that are the most committed to offering quality films to viewers who for many years have put their confidence in these dynamic entrepreneurs, of whom González Macho is a figurehead. A founder of Europa Cinemas 20 years ago, he remains one of the most respected network members.

We know that he is fighting today for his staff and his teams. We lend him our support in the hopes that he can save all that can still be saved of what remains in our eyes a magnificent European adventure and a prestigious label, Cines Renoir, for disseminating the films of Europe and the entire world.

Claude-Eric Poiroux and the team at Europa Cinemas


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Jeanne Moreau & Enrique González Macho with his Europa Cinemas Award for Best Entrepreneur (2006)