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The Network - 13/05/2014


2013 Network Results: Searching for European Film Hits


In 2013, the network’s statistics were above average, with the 60% target for European screenings being hit. But with 2 films exceeding the 1 million viewer mark across the 882 cinemas and 2,111 screens of the network, 2013 was at first sight a good year for American cinema. Blue Jasmine and Django Unchained top our rankings, followed by The Great Gatsby and Lincoln – 4 auteur films reminding us that American cinema cannot be limited to the countless blockbusters that are taking over multiplex screens.

Statistics show how effective American cinema can be: with 31% of screenings, US films achieved 36% of admissions within the network. Conversely, with 35% of screenings, non-national European films accounted for 31% of admissions. This widening gap is a cause for concern on a number of major markets, in particular France and the United Kingdom, where network cinemas were unable to rely on European film hits.

2013 nevertheless remained a good year for European cinema within the network, thanks to the strong performance of French, and to a lesser extent British, productions in other European countries. Although the figures are down compared with 2012 (-5.5 points for non-national European screenings), which was an exceptional year thanks to the successful Intouchables in particular, 2013 figures are quite similar to those of 2011, which is considered a good year. In 2011, mainly films by major European filmmakers could benefit from a wide circulation across the continent, while in 2013 a more varied picture emerged.


Therefore, amongst the 6 European films achieving more than half a million admissions, we can find two directors who are relative newcomers at this level, Kechiche and Sorrentino, three veterans of European arthouse cinema, von Trotta, August and Almodóvar, and an actor making his filmmaking debut, Dustin Hoffman.

Films from the rest of the world remained extremely stable at 9%, with the results of the films No (Pablo Larraín, Chile), Gloria (Sebastián Lelio, Argentina) and The Lunchbox (Ritesh Batra, India) worthy of mention in particular. To complete the picture, let’s not forget the year’s unexpected hit: Wadjda, by Saudi director Haifaa Al-Mansour (621,000 admissions within the network).

In 2013, the network’s statistics were therefore above average, with the 60% target for European screenings being hit. 35% of screenings were devoted to non-national European films, while American cinema was at the same level as in 2011 (31%).

Certain films, such as Amour, Anna Karenina and The Hunt, which had already ranked high in 2012, continued to be screened in 2013, while others, such as Philomena and The Best Offer, will continue their successful careers in 2014.

A good omen for this has emerged in the form of the Polish film Ida, which has just broken a record in France and is being screened in around fifteen European countries.

Incidentally, the Swedish documentary Searching for Sugar Man achieved almost 400,000 admissions in the network’s cinemas in 10 countries, just ahead of… Gravity.



Jb Selliez, May 2014


Picture: Searching for Sugar Man by Malik Bendjelloul


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