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Activities - 13/06/2012


The public of the future: back from the Mexico seminar


Cineteca Nacional de México

Organised as part of the Festival Distrital and in collaboration with the Cineteca Nacional de México, the first edition of the seminar “The Public of the Future” took place from 6-8 June 2012 in Mexico City. Thirty-five participants from Mexico, Latin America and Europe met for three days to discuss issues such as the image of cinemas, their ability to attract young audiences and the importance of networks.

The seminar was led by Ian Christie, film historian and President of Europa Cinemas, who put into perspective notably the evolution and difficulties encountered by cinemas, which from the point of view of their architecture are at times a hundred years old.

Paula Astorga, director of the Cineteca Nacional de México, and David Di Bona, director of the Festival Distrital, welcomed the participants and stressed the relevance of this meeting and the topics to be addressed for the future of independent exhibition in Latin America.

During the seminar, several exhibitors such as Emily Munro (Glasgow Film Theatre, UK), Juan Carlos Mayungo (Las Américas, Colombia), Alejandro Gómez (Cineteca Nuevo Léon, Mexico), Floor Savelkoel (Filmhuis De Keizer, the Netherlands) and Nina Pece (Kinodvor, Slovenia) presented their cinemas’ activities for young audiences.

The participants also visited the cinema Lumière Reforma, which gave them a critical insight into the overall image of cinemas faced with public expectations today. Practical workshops enabled them to reflect in small groups on the “ideal cinema” or create a marketing campaign for their theatre.

Several points of consensus were reached during the discussions:

- A community of independent cinemas exists on the entire Latin American continent, all of which face similar challenges: the need for substantial investments due to the advent of digital technology, the sometimes difficult access to quality films for a variety of audiences, the growth potential for audiences appreciating quality cinema, the importance of social networks in reaching and attracting these new audiences…

- The importance of working with networks, both at the local and the national – or even pan-American – level, such as for example the project Latinopolis, which gathers a number of exhibitors and distributors from across the continent.

- The central role of independent exhibitors in giving disadvantaged or isolated populations access to a diversified cinema.


The list of participants is available here .

Speakers’ presentations :

Emily Munro :

Floor Savelkoel : Implementing national and your own initiatives (successfully) in your cinema

Nina Pece : Kinodvor and Kinobalon: film should be seen, felt, touched, smelt.

Soon available on this site: the proceedings of the discussions as well as the presentations of various speakers.

View the tweets on the seminar by following the hashtag #PublicoDelFuturo.


Guillaume Gaubert