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Activities - 09/07/2011


Karlovy Vary - The Label has been awarded to GYPSY by Martin Šulík



GYPSY (Cigán) has been awarded the Europa Cinemas Label as Best European Film at the 46th Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, it was announced today by a jury of four exhibitors, members of the Europa Cinemas Network.

The Europa Cinemas Label Jury issued the following statement about the film: “Gypsy is a powerful and authentic portrait of the difficult life of the Roma gypsy community and especially the many obstacles that stand in the way for the young seeking to break free. Martin Šulík skilfully marshals a large cast of non-professional and professional actors in a real village to present a compelling modern tragedy, which we believe will appeal to film lovers throughout the world.”
GYPSY will now receive the support of the Europa Cinemas exhibitors who commit themselves to extend the length of its run on screen and to reinforce the promotion campaign directed at the general audience and the media.
Director: Martin Šulík
Screenplay: Marek Lesèák, Martin Šulík
Cast: Ján Mižigár, Martin Hangurbadžo, Martina Kotlárová, Miroslav Gulyas, Attila Mokos, Miroslava Jarábeková, Ivan Mirga
Country: Slovak Republic/Czech Republic, 2011, 107 mins

International Sales:
FE Agency – T: +420 739 592 040 –

For 14-year-old Adam, the world of his poor Romany village has only two joys: boxing and Julka, a friend his same age. But after the violent death of his father, the boy experiences life’s harsher side: his mother does not mourn long and remarries her brother-in law, a loan shark and thief, Ziga. He demands obedience without seeking to deserve Adam’s respect. He manages to draw Adam and his brothers into his dubious business. Police arrest the boys. Gradually everything the boy was attached to starts to fall apart around him.

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2011 Europa Cinemas Label Jury Members 2011:

Marijana Bosnjak (Kino Urania , Osijek, Croatia)
Croatian entrepreneur, was born in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1974. Since her earliest childhood she has been showing entrepreneurial aspirations, endless energy and versatility. Always prepared to take on a challenge, implement changes and accept a risk, she dedicates her professional career to consulting and her biggest challenges are companies which are "on the edge". Some of those are Osijek cinemas. She is a mother of two, a successful author of many cultural projects, entrepreneur and scientist, always ready and willing to learn new things and develop new skills and progress.

Mark Drenth (Concordia Cinema , Enschede, Netherlands)
Mark graduated from the University of Twente in Industrial Engineering, with human resources management as his speciality. He completed his studies while he was Managing Director at the Muziekbank Overijssel, the largest music lending library in the East of the Netherlands. Being a passionate lover of arthouse cinema, he was also programme adviser at Concordia in Enschede, a multidisciplinary arts institution offering film, theatre and visual arts. He has been programmer and head of the film department at Concordia since 2006.

Charles Rubinstein (Rio Cinema , London, United Kingdom)
Born and raised in London, the son of Jewish refugees from Vienna. Studied History & Theory of Art at Sussex University. Worked in independent film distribution first with Cinegate, David and Barbara Stone's innovative arthouse distribution company, then with the Other Cinema, a very 70's collective distributing independent films of all kinds. Moved into film exhibition in the mid 1980's with the Rio Cinema, a single screen not-for-profit arthouse/community cinema and Europa Cinemas Network member in London's East End. Responsible for the cinema's programming since 1989 and also General Manager since 1991.

Tiina Savi (Kino Sõprus , Tallinn, Estonia)
Abkhazian-Estonian film buff grew up going to the cinema and theatre. Previous job engagements have varied from diplomacy and cocktail shaker to assistant directing in contemporary theatre and documentary filmmaking. She has been working in cinema as event organizer and producer since 2008. Formerly worked at Black Hand distribution company and as Repertoire Manager of Kino Sõprus, the oldest existing art-house cinema in Estonia that was reopened in 2010 by Black Hand as its operator. Tiina Savi is also the producer of Stalking Stalker, annual festival of contemporary fairytales (24-28 of August, Tallinn) and co-publisher of Estonian independent monthly cinema newspaper “La Strada”.