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Activities - 29/01/2013


Europa Cinemas Label - Interview with Tanja Miličić - Kino Valli / Pula Film Festival - Pula


We interview Tanja Miličić, manager of Kino Valli and producer of Pula Film Festival , on the occasion of her participation as a jury member for the Europa Cinemas Label.

What do you expect from the 2013 Berlinale? Are you a regular festival attendee? What do you expect from the Panorama section, being member of the Jury?

Yes, I regularly go to Berlinale, it is a must if you are in any form of film business. As usual I expect to get insight into many different film cultures, to get emotionally and mentally stirred, to see films that will never reach small Croatian market… It is wonderful to know that as  Europa cinemas jury member  I will have priority accreditation and therefore be able to watch films without having to queue at the professional's office every morning. I will be very privileged and proud of myself.  I am excited.

What kind of films do you like to watch and screen ?

There is a difference between what I like to watch and what we screen in Kino Valli. I always have to keep in mind that my duty is to offer  diverse programme to satisfy tastes of everyone in Pula, including my own. Kino Valli is the only cinema in the city of Pula? which means we have to combine commercial, independent,  art and everything else. For example in one week we would screen SKYFALL by Sam Mendes, THE ANGEL'S SHARE by Ken Loach and ASTERIX AND OBELIX: GOD SAVE BRITANNIA. I should mention that we are single screen cinema so programming is a real challenge.

I can mention some of recent films that I appreciate: IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE by Wong Kar Wai, AMOUR by Michael Haneke, BREAKING THE WAVES by Lars von Trier, FESTEN by Thomas Viterberg, IO SONO AMORE by Luca Guadagnino, THE THIN RED LINE by Terrence Malick, EVERYBODY IN OUR FAMILY by Radu Judu, A SEPARATION by Asghar Farhadi, HONEY by Semih Kaplanoglu… From film history: THE DISCREET CHARM OF BURGOISE by Luis Bunuel, JULES ET JIM by Francois Truffaut, MAMAN ET LA PUTAIN by Jean Eustache, TOKYO STORY by Yasujirô Ozu, WILD by Ingmar Bergman, THE SPIRIT OF A BEEHIVE by Víctor Erice.

Do you know (some of) the films that have been labeled by Europa Cinemas in the last years? What are you favourites films among the previous Europa Cinemas Label winners?

Yes I know many films that were labelled by Europe Cinemas, but unfortunately I saw only several… Unfortunately it is not easy to get hold of those films in Croatia, distribution is very limited… I tried to screen some that were not distributed, but it's not easy to get into distribution business, it is also quite expensive… Those that I saw and loved are REVANCHE by Götz Spielmann, CONTROL by Anton Corbijn, LE QUATTRO VOLTE by Michelangelo Frammartino and of course the Croatian film JUST BETWEEN US by Rajko Grlic.


Could you describe shortly the Kino Valli cinema, its profile and development? Could you also describe the Pula Film Festival?

Pula Film Festival is a public cultural institution which manages Pula Film Festival and Kino Valli organizes variety of cultural and artistic programmes as well as offers logistical and technical support to a number of cultural events and spectacles.


Kino Valli

Kino Valli was reopened in July 2008 after a complete makeover. It is currently the only cinema in Pula with a single screen and 209 seats. Over the past four years cinema gained its old/new audience and became a place of social and cultural interest. Kino Valli loves film in all its forms; it screens commercial, independent and art films, film classics, experimental films, features, documentaries, animations and shorts. It promotes European and World cinema and gives insight into undiscovered film cultures.  Kino Valli is a member of Europa Cinemas, CICAE (Confédération Internationnale des Cinémas d'Art et d'Essai) and ECFA (European Children's Film Association).

Pula Film Festival (13.-27.7.2013)

Long ago, in 1938, the first film showcase, which had a great audience turnout, took place in the historic Roman Arena in Pula and set the foundation for the establishment of the Pula Film Festival in 1953. Ever since then Pula has been a place where you can enjoy the film under the stars. Nowadays, the Pula Film Festival holds the title of the oldest national film festival in the world and is the most visited cultural event in the Republic of Croatia with more than 75.000 visitors during 15 days packed with festival events (national and international programmes, various workshops, exhibitions, concerts...) . Pula Film Festival will celebrate its 60th birthday this year.

How do you evaluate the circulation and distribution of European films in Croatia? In which manners your cinema participate in the promotion of European cinema?

Circulation and distribution of European films in Croatia is not very good but it is improving from one year to another. There are more and more keen distributors, but more importantly there  are more and more enthusiastic cinemas that want to screen European titles. Croatian film market is very small, our yearly admissions per capita are quite low in general and when it comes to European films it is even more difficult to attract audience.

It is Kino Valli's policy to screen at least one European or World cinema film per week because I think it is extremely important to let the audience know that those films are as important as commercial ones and that they can see them on regular basis. Besides that, we also have special events such as Pula Film Festival, Days of European Film etc, when we screen great number of European titles. Our PR for such events is more intense and they attract not only media attention but also larger audience. Furthermore, we developed a very successful project Film in school that includes screenings of quality European titles for children. All the screenings are followed by discussion and written educational material is prepared for teachers. I shouldn't forget to mention that we have special morning matinees for elderly and we mainly offer them European titles.

What were your specific problem in 2012, if any and what do you feel about 2013 ?

Our biggest problem is not having DCP, we were really struggling throughout 2012. And still are. Without DCP it is very difficult to get quality commercial and independent titles to our audience. I really hope 2013 will be the year we will remember by getting digital.