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Activities - 07/09/2012


CRAWL wins Europa Cinemas Label at Venice



French film CRAWL directed by Hervé Lasgouttes has won the Europa Cinemas Label as Best European film at the Venice days, it was announced today by a jury of four exhibitors from the Network. The film will now receive the support of the Europa Cinemas Network, with additional promotion and incentives for exhibitors to extend the film’s run on screen.

The jury issued the following statement: “Crawl is an impressive debut by Hervé Lasgouttes. He has a strong sense of story and powerfully evokes the atmosphere of working life in Brittany in a tough economic climate. The performances by the two young leads are exceptional. The end of the film is not a happy one, but a sense of hope remains for the characters and the audience.”

Synopsis: Crawl is set in Brittany and tells the story of the emerging romance between Martin, a small-time crook, and Gwen, a mysterious girl who lives on her own and goes swimming everyday in the high sea. One day, Gwen tells Martin she is pregnant with his child. Unable to deal with the news, Martin disappears. Everything then changes when he is charged with murder.

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The Europa Cinemas Label jury:

Ted Chiaradia (Filmtheater’t Hoogt, Utrecht, The Netherlands)

Ted has more than 30 years of experience in the arthouse business. He used to be president of the cinema Lux in Nijmegen, the largest and most important arthouse in The Netherlands. He them was the managing director of Plaza Futura (Eindhoven), the first arthouse with digital projection in the country. He is now senior consultant in the cultural fields, including the Netherlands Film Fund. He is also programming advisor for several theatres and is the representative in Venice for Filmtheater’t Hoogt in Utrecht.

Enrico Nosei (Fondazione Cineteca Italiana, Milan, Italy)

Enrico has been the Programming Director of Milan’s Fondazione Cineteca Italiana since 1999. He graduated in Economics at the University of Pisa and in History and Cinema Critic at the University of Florence. He wrote many critical film reviews for several specialized magazines and followed the translation of the Italian edition of the volume Il cinema e oltre (Serge Daney, ed. Il Castoro, 1997). He also supervised several editions of the festivals France Cinéma and Torino Film Festival.

Charles Rubinstein (Rio Cinema, London, United Kingdom)

Charles started his cinema career 40 years ago in the independent film distribution sector, first with Cinegate, David and Barbara Stone's innovative arthouse distribution company, then with the Other Cinema, a very 70's collective distributing independent films of all kinds. He moved into film exhibition in the mid 1980's with the Rio Cinema, a single screen not-for-profit arthouse/community cinema in London's East End. Responsible for the cinema's programming since 1989 and appointed General Manager in 1991, he has led the cinema successfully through major Lottery funded refurbishment and into the Digital age.

Dietmar Zingl (Cinematograph/Leokino, Innsbruck, Austria)

Born in 1955, Dietmar is currently the manager of the Cinematograph/Leokino in Innsbruck. After various jobs in cinema theatres, he became the director of cultural cinemas in Innsbruck in 1981. Since 1989, he is also director of Cinematograph – Filmverleih (arthouse-distribution for Austria).

Venice Days Jury


Pictures from left: Ted, Enrico, Charles, Dietmar