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Activities - 01/01/2012


27 Times Cinema - The Portraits - Clara Trischler - Cinema Paradiso - Sankt-Pölten - Austria


Could you introduce yourself?

I am a screenplay student who makes documentaries, a writer for whom reading is like listening, a travelling collector who appreciates good music, cooking and the unexpected.

Cinema moments I remember:

° sitting on the roof of our red car in the summers at the local car cinema as we were always too many to be able to see anything from inside the car, but the roof was too far from the inside to hear a lot of the movie. Move-in cinema and its break in the middle of the film was always a precious part of the summer.
° open-air cinemas and how it would often start to rain or storm so that the film had to be interrupted and one leaves with a half-finished story into a half-begun summer evening.

Why do you like cinema? Why do you prefer cinema to other media or to books, for example?

I guess I prefer cinema to other media at times, because for a short while it offers you something that feels like a parallel life you can try out. Not only can most of your senses dive into it as if it was, but also cinema is a combination of diverse art forms, it's about aesthetics like paintings or photography, it's about music and words, structure and timing.
Also I feel like everyone has a unique perception of the world and film sometimes feels like an articulation of someone showing me the way they see the world. I am curious about 27 Times Cinema also because I will meet people from 26 different places with their 26 different views.

What are your 3 favorite films?

My three favorite movies would be Urgences by Raymond Depardon, Amarcord by Federico Fellini and Gummo by Harmony Korine.

Do you feel European? Do you travel often in Europe? Have you ever lived abroad?

I feel European, Europe is sort of a home porch that still feels abroad. I have lived in Denmark, Israel, Scotland, Berlin, Vienna and New York.
Cinema can be a place to: throw popcorn and make remarks about anything outstanding or absurd about a film; be quietly inspired; a place to sleep. I spend time in cinemas a lot. I like the sound of celluloid and how one can see the dust particles in the light beam and how people come on rainy evenings to escape and seem slightly changed after.
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