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15th Annual Conference, Paris, 2010


Renewing Cinema Audiences in the Digital Era



23 November 2010
Inaugurated by Mr Frédéric Mitterrand , Minister for Culture and Communication, the 15th Europa Cinemas Network Conference saw a new record of attendees when it welcomed nearly 700 professionals from 48 difference countries of Europe, the Mediterranean, Asia and Latin America to Paris from 18th to 21st November 2010. Alongside them, Wim Wenders, Claude Miller, Thierry Frémaux, Julie Gayet and researchers Olivier Bomsel (France), Gundolf S. Freyermuth (Germany) and Tom Troscianko (United Kingdom) took part in the event and participated in the debates. 12 European feature films were also screened as preview premieres to the Europa Cinemas Network members.
The debates focused on three central questions: the reality of the transition to digital, new trends in audience behaviour and the diversification in film theatres’ activity, especially with regard to the Net generation.
The Conference managed, in a very positive way, to highlight the imaginative resourcefulness of exhibitors and the abundance of initiatives which make good use of social media, now widely-used.  The debates emphasised the need for Media Literacy education and to keep alive our film heritage, as well as how new technology will allow the film theatre to adapt its offer to spectators’ demand.
Several concerns of the independent exhibition sector were also addressed during the Conference.  The economic crisis is manifesting itself in several European countries as worrying cuts in their cultural and audio visual budgets. This situation particularly affects theatres that take risks with their programming.
The position of independent exhibitors faced with the transition to digital who, across many small markets, receive neither contributions from distributors nor public funding, is even more serious. All evidence points to how these cinemas will not have the means to carry out the transition to digital and will close their doors for good, striking a damaging blow to the dissemination of European film.  Screen Digest estimates that between 5,000 and 6,000 cinemas across Europe will find themselves in this situation.
Several participants also regret that the DCI recommendations exclude all projectors other than 2K.  Other quality devices, however, have appeared on the market, such as the 1.9K, and have been tested by certain Network exhibitors.  Thus it has become clear that it will be necessary to plan for this lighter and more affordable equipment to conform to security standards.
The exhibitors present showed interest in learning about the situation in France, where the law supervises the market and where the CNC (Centre national du cinema et de l’image animée) has put in place a mechanism to deal with any disparity in access to the VPF. No other country has, to date, established such an operation.
The Conference also saw the first exhibitor-distributor bilateral meeting, the aim of which was to address, with as much transparency as possible, questions that affect their general interests.  This meeting brought together distributors, exhibitors, equipment providers and third-party operators.
The exhibitors showed themselves to be, on the whole, positive about their future and demonstrated this with much imagination and initiative during the three days. The advent of the digital era has inspired them and reinforced their conviction that film theatres remain an essential part of Cinema.  As Mr Frédéric Mitterrand reminded us at the inauguration of the Conference, the film theatre remains “the birthplace of film”.

Europa Cinemas Awards 2010



The 2010 Europa Cinemas Awards for the Best Network exhibitors went out to:
- Best programming: Skalvijos Kino Centras, Vilnius (Lithuania)
- Best Young Audience Activities: Kinodvor, Ljubljana (Slovenia)
- Entrepreneur of the Year: Watershed, Bristol (United Kingdom)
The award-giving ceremony was held at Cinéma Le Balzac, a member of the Europa Cinemas Network. The prizes were awarded by actress and producer Julie Gayet and director Claude Miller, President of Europa Cinemas, in the presence of German director Wim Wenders and Thierry Frémaux, General Delegate of the Cannes Film Festival and Director of the Institut Lumière in Lyon. Images from Wender’s documentary in 3D, Pina - an homage to the choreographer Pina Bausch - were screened for the first time in public. This was followed by a programme of short films by the Lumière Brothers, some of which were in 3D and in colour, presented by Frémaux and restored by the National French Film Archives and the Bologna Cinématheque.


Speakers and presentations


Friday 19 November 2010


By Frédéric Mitterrand , French Minister for Culture and Communication
Claude Miller, Film Director, President of Europa Cinemas
Aviva Silver, Head of MEDIA Unit, European Commission
Claude-Eric Poiroux, General Director, Europa Cinemas


By Olivier Bomsel, Director, ParisTech Chair of Media and Brand Economics, France


By Prof. Dr. Gundolf S. Freyermuth , Director, Cologne Game Lab / Professor, Cologne International Film School, Germany

• How does a multi-platform, interactive culture affect cinema attendance among young audiences?
• Does the Internet increase cinematic choice among young consumers or push them towards the mainstream?
• Does European film respond to the desires and expectations of young audiences?
• Developing a “taste for the big screen” among young people: the role of national schemes and of exhibitors.
• How to guarantee access to film education for all young Europeans: the role of national and European policies.

Moderator: Michael Gubbins, Cinema Consultant and Industry Journalist, UK 
Introduction by Prof. Tom Troscianko , Professor in Experimental Psychology, Bristol University & Founder of Bristol Vision Institute, UK
“Screen Science - What can we learn about cinema today from cognitive neuroscience?“

Claudio Franco , Research Manager, Dubit Limited, UK
Peter Buckingham , Head of Distribution & Exhibition, UK Film Council
Gian Luca Farinelli, Director & Exhibitor, Cineteca di Bologna & Cinema Lumière, Italy
Eugène Andreanszky , Director, Enfants de Cinéma, France
Koen Van Daele, Exhibitor, Kinodvor, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Catherine Lemaire, Programmer, Le Parc-Churchill-Le Sauvenière, Liège, Belgium
Nick Shaw, 27 Times Cinema, UK
Thomas Smolders, 27 Times Cinema, Belgium
Isabella Weber, 27 Times Cinema, Italy
Thomas Krüger, President of the German Federal Agency for Civic Education, Germany
Piotr Borys , Member of European Parliament, Culture & Education Committee, Poland
Aviva Silver , Head of MEDIA Unit, European Commission
Ian Christie, Professor of Film, Birkeck College, London UK, Vice-President of Europa Cinemas   


Wim Wenders presents a first glimpse of images from his 3D feature film “Pina”.
Thierry Frémaux (Director, Institut Lumière) presents the « Soirée Lumière: Anthology of films by the Lumière Brothers ».

 Saturday 20 November 2010


Moderator: David Hancock, Senior Analyst, Head of Film and Cinema, Screen Digest, UK

1st Part:

• After the Avatar phenomenon, what is the real impact of 3D on the digital transition and film offer?
• Is an alternative standard to 2K possible for small and medium-sized venues?
• Can the independent sector develop its own solutions? Examples of “funding groups”.
• How can the European Commission and public bodies supervise and contribute to the digital roll-out?

Presentation by David Hancock of current digital cinema statistics

Etienne Traisnel , Director, CN Films, France
Dr. Christian Bräuer , President, AG Kino / Managing Director, Yorck-Kino GmbH, Germany
Enrique Pérez Font , Exhibitor, Espectarama S.A, Spain
Steve Perrin , Chief Executive, Digital Funding Partnership, UK
Jean-Pierre Villa , President, Cinélia, France
Aviva Silver, Head of MEDIA Unit, European Commission
Peter Dinges , CEO, German Federal Film Board, Germany
Olivier Wotling , Head of Film Dept, Centre national du cinéma et de l’image animée, France
Erik Hamre, Exhibitor, Gentofte Kino, Denmark
Rolv Gjestland , Adviser Cinema Technology and Design, Film & Kino, Norway
Harri Ahokas , Head of Domestic Distribution, Finnish Film Foundation, Finland
Peter Buckingham , Head of Distribution & Exhibition, UK Film Council

2nd Part: Exhibitors-Distributors Bilateral (BED)

• What critical mass is necessary for the digital investment to become profitable?
• Third party investors/collectors: are the economic models on offer suited to the needs of the independents? 
• How do savings and developments in digital benefit production, distribution and exhibition?
• How can digital guarantee freedom of choice and increase diversity of film offer to theatres and the public?
• Is the “VPF” practicable in the whole of Europe and for all structures? Are there any alternative models?
• The role of MEDIA support funding in the transition to digital across the field.

Peter Buckingham (Head of Distribution & Exhibition, UK Film Council)
Giovanni Dolci (Strategy and Business Development Executive, Arts Alliance Media, UK)
Jean Mizrahi (CEO, Ymagis, France)
Serge Plasch (CEO & Managing Director, XDC, Belgium)
Pierre-Franck Neveu (Digital Cinema Solutions Account Manager for France & Benelux, Sony PSE, France)
Torsten Frehse (Distributor, Neue Visionen GmbH / Exhibitor, Centralkino, Germany)
Ross Fitzsimons (Director of Strategy & Business Development, Curzon Artificial Eye, Distribution-Exhibition, UK)
Christian Thomas (Distributor, Imagine Films, Belgium)
Laurent Dutoit (Distributor, Agora Films, Switzerland)
Hans König (Exhibitor, Filmcasino / Distributor, Polyfilm Verleih, Austria)
Federico Mejia Guinand (Distributor-Exhibitor, Babilla Cine, Colombia)
Andrea Occhipinti (Distributor, Lucky Red, Italy)
Martin Bidou (Head of Sales, Haut et Court Distribution / Exhibitor, Racine Odéon, France)
Nico Simon (Exhibitor, Utopia S.A., Luxembourg)
Claude-Eric Poiroux (Exhibitor, Les 400 Coups, France)


• Effective strategies for targeting new audiences through innovative partnerships.
• How does the cinema’s image take over from the distributor when promoting films?
• Beyond film: how can the film theatre open its doors to new content whilst respecting the primacy of film?
• Social Media: promoting film theatres and films to young internet users. Exhibitor/distributor initiatives.
• What are the essential new skills for the digital era and how do we train cinema staff?

Moderator: Michael Gubbins, Cinema consultant and industry journalist, UK

Introduction by Ian Christie, Professor of Film, Birkeck College, London UK; Vice-President of Europa Cinemas
“Between Old and New Media: How do we discover and value films today?“

Rob Kenny , Exhibitor, Curzon Artificial Eye, UK
Jean-Jacques Schpoliansky, Exhibitor, Cinéma Le Balzac, France
Maciek Jakubczyk, Member of Board, Education and Distribution coordinator, New Horizons Association, Poland
Etsuko Dohi, Exhibitor, Cine-monde, Kanazawa, Japan
Francine Pickel & Vincent Adatte , Co-Directors, Association La Lanterne Magique, Switzerland
Monica Törnblom , Film Booker & Cinema Consultant, Folkets Hus och Parker, Sweden
Christoph Ott , Marketing and Head of Campaign, NFP Marketing & Distribution, Germany
Efe Çakarel, Founder & CEO, MUBI, UK
Fabien Riggall, Founder and Director, Future Shorts & Secret Cinema, UK
Hamish Morrow, Operations Manager, Future Shorts ONE, UK
Tobias Bauckhage , Co-founder & Managing Director, MoviePilot, Germany
Rachael Castell , Project Coordinator, Support Your Local Cinema, MoviePilot, Germany
Gwen Joy , Development Manager, Watershed, UK
Jean-Baptiste Hennion , Film History Lecturer and Technical Training Provider, AFOMAV, France
Alain Modot, Vice President, Media Consulting Group, France
Thomas Isnard , Managing Director, 4Bridge, France

Preceded by a presentation of the JAZZMIX project by its producer, Amos Rozenberg (
See the list
Sunday 21 November 2010

Workshop 1: David Hancock, Senior Analyst, Head of Film and Cinema, Screen Digest, UK
Workshop 2: Michael Gubbins, Cinema consultant and industry journalist, UK

• MEDIA Programme: Evaluation. 2009-2013 contract. Support measures for digital equipment.
• MEDIA Mundus: Support for distribution and exhibition in non-EU countries and in Europe.
• Eurimages - Euromed Audiovisual 3: New prospects.
• Joint Activities and Partnerships: Prix LUX, Label Europa Cinemas, 27 Times Cinema, etc.

Led by Claude-Eric Poiroux, General Director, Europa Cinemas
Claude Miller, Film Director, President of Europa Cinemas
Aviva Silver, Head of MEDIA Unit, European Commission
Bertrand Peltier, Administrator, Responsible for LUX Film Prize, European Parliament
Jovan Marjanovic, Chairman oft he Theatre Working Group of Eurimages, Council of Europe
Ian Christie , Professor of Film, Birkeck College, London UK, Vice-President of Europa Cinemas
Amélie Chatellier , Head of Distribution, Agence du court métrage, France
Fatima Djoumer , Head of International Relations, Europa Cinemas

European Film Previews



The conference kicked off on 18th November at L’Entrepôt cinema, another member of the Europa Cinemas Network, with 12 European preview-premiere screenings:
If I Want to Whistle, I Whistle, Florin Serban (RO/SE)
Black Bread / Pa Negre, Agustí Villaronga (ES/FR)
The Clink of Ice / Le Bruit des glaçons, Bertrand Blier (FR)
Essential Killing, Jerzy Skolimowski (PL/NO/IE/HU) 
Oxygen / Adem, Hans Van Nuffel (BE/NL)
No Fear / Niente Paura, Piergiorgio Gay (IT)
Le Quattro Volte, Michelangelo Frammartino (IT/DE/CH), EUROPA CINEMAS LABEL
Cirkus Columbia, Danis Tanović (EU)
Attenberg, Athina Rachel Tsangari (GR)
Just Between Us / Neka Ostane Medju Nama, Rajko Grlić (HR/RS/SI), EUROPA CINEMAS LABEL
Never Let Me Go, Mark Romanek (GB/US)
When We Leave / Die Fremde, Feo Aladag (DE), EUROPA CINEMAS LABEL


Screening of trailers for European films


Screening of trailers for European films
The participants had the opportunity to watch a program of European films trailers. It was a chance to have a look on latest productions from all Europe.


Conferences – past and coming up


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Athens: 17-20 November 2011 (cancelled)

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Berlin: 05-07 December 1997

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