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20th Conference - Bucharest, 24-26 November 2017








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Europa Cinemas this year celebrates its 25th birthday. That quarter of a century has been among the most exciting and challenging periods in the history of cinema – not least in the transition to digital projection. The demands of an always-on, on-demand digital era are no less challenging but independent cinemas have reasons for confidence because they will be building on firm foundations.

The cinema experience remains essential to the business and culture of European film despite a decade of disruptive change. That position has arguably even strengthened. But independent cinemas also represent vital spaces for their communities, acting as an engine of economic growth, regeneration and social cohesion.

This Conference will focus on the next stage of evolution for cinemas and for the cinema experience. It will look at the core social, cultural and economic foundations for future growth, in terms of innovation but also at how to build on the underlying and unchanging realities for the theatrical sector and the broader film ecosystem.

This Conference will address the issues facing exhibitors but will also put them into the broader context of the social, political and economic challenges for film as an industry and an art form. The core issues will be:

  • Extending and enhancing the cinema experience in changing times
  • Maximising audience engagement in a changing film culture
  • Diversifying and growing demand for European film
  • Enhancing the economic, cultural and social potential of cinema
  • Transparent measurement of the social and economic value of cinema
  • The challenges for the broader film ecosystem

The Conference aims to be an opportunity to discuss and debate the bigger picture for cinema, in the context of a changing world. It will also offer opportunities to share fresh thinking and practical ideas, emerging within the network and beyond. The aim is for a dynamic, participatory conference, where delegates will leave with a common sense of purpose and direction. And together over the coming months and years, we hope to turn that momentum into practical action. 


The Conference will start on Friday 24 November at 1pm with a welcome coffee and will end on Sunday 26 November at 3pm after the lunch. 

Simultaneous translation into 5 languages (English/French/German/Italian/Spanish) will be provided during the plenary sessions and the workshops.


Picture (Homepage): Cristian Vasile, Bucuresti Optimist - Facebook






Simultaneous translation: English – French – German – Italian – Spanish (plenary sessions and workshops)





1.00-2.00pm    WELCOME COFFEE (Radisson Blu Hotel)


2.30-6.00pm    SESSION 1 -  THE CINEMA EXPERIENCE IN CHANGING TIMES (plenary session)

Panel 1 – Entrepreneurialism & Evolving Cinema Experience (2.30-4.00pm)

The panel will look at the factors that will help drive cinema into a new era and how to build on the strengths of the cinema experience, not just in building demand for European film but also in creating cultural and social value in communities. The discussion will include:

  • The role of entrepreneurial business thinking and practice
  • Enhancing the cinema environment: architecture, design, sound and vision
  • New uses and improvements to the social spaces in cinema
  • The essential role of cinema in communities across Europe
  • Film as a vital art form in a period of disruptive change

Coffee Break (4.00-4.30pm)

Panel 2 - Freedom of Choice: Challenges & Opportunities for Cinema (4.30-6.00pm)

In order for independent cinemas to respond to the needs of their audiences and communities, they need the greatest possible freedom to programme content. This session will consider economic and regulatory issues that can impact those choices, including:

  • The market and competitive environment for accessing film
  • Weaknesses in the value chain in ensuring access to content
  • Impact of regulatory and legal rules on cinema choices
  • The essential role of truly independent cinemas in European film
  • The potential challenges to cinema from emerging forces, such as VOD

6.00-6.30pm     SESSION 2 – 20 SLIDES’ ARTHOUSE TALES (plenary session)

One of the most valuable parts of the Conference is getting to know how different exhibitors approach running their cinemas and engaging with their audiences, whether they are single-screen, small town venues or major established cinemas in big cities. So for the first time, a new session will allow different cinemas to tell their stories – in 20 slides, each for 20 seconds, over 7mins for each theater.

7.00-8.30pm     DINNER (Radisson Blu Hotel)

8.30-9.00pm     Transfer to Cinema Pro

9.00-11.30pm   Presentation of the EUROPA CINEMAS Awards & Preview of a European Film



Saturday’s sessions will be divided into two distinct sections in the morning, culminating in a broad debate in the afternoon.

Each panel discussion and presentation will begin with an open slot presentation, called 7/7. Participants will have 7 minutes to present 7 slides about a relevant initiative of development in their cinema.

9.30am-1.00pm       SESSION 3 - CHOICE OF 4 WORKSHOPS (90 mins each)

Coffee Break (11.00-11.30am)        


Workshop 1 - Cinema Economics & Investment Cases (9.30-11.00am)

The economics of cinema is highly dependent on a whole series of factors, including the size of venue, access to public investment, local conditions and markets, etc. This session will look at common issues for cinemas and consider at how they might be addressed across a diverse and varied network.

  • The Knowledge Base: the role of data in building audience development strategies
  • Using social media to create an active knowledge base
  • The role of pricing, membership programmes and ticketing deals
  • Investing and building physical and online marketing strategies
  • Staff training and expertise

Workshop 2 - The Community Value Of A Cinema (11.30am-1.00pm)

This session will look at the role of cinemas in their local communities and how they can reach out to broaden the diversity of the audience. The session will look at:

  • Cinemas as engines of economic regeneration and social cohesion
  • The value of a cinema in social, cultural and economic terms
  • The evolution of cinema as a community centre and social space
  • Taking European film into communities through outreach screenings
  • The power of cinema culture in conveying community and social values and creating social cohesion


Workshop 1 - How To Build A Brand (9.30-11.00am)

Independent cinemas are among the most recognisable ‘brands’ in film. Audiences will often go to see a film on the basis of trust in their local venue. This session will focus on practical application of innovation and best practice in the Europa Cinemas network and beyond of how to build a brand and how that trust can be built and enhanced.

  • Developing social media and website venue marketing
  • Enhancing the social spaces with events, design, food, etc
  • Making cinemas accessible, inviting and cool for younger audiences
  • Innovative audience loyalty schemes
  • How to integrate non-film and film activity into a single brand

Workshop 2 - Curation and events (11.30am-1.00pm)

Cinemas have a still unique place in the film economy in their power to create distinctive and appealing programmes and in turning those programmes into social experiences. This session will consider:

  • Best practice and innovation in curating programmes
  • Involving audiences in programming. Developing programmes for audiences
  • Creating long-term demand through education initiatives
  • Strategic use of one-off events in creating long-term value
  • The potential of cinema on demand, and cinema VOD platforms. 

Lunch (1.00-2.00pm)

2.00-4.00pm       SESSION 4 – CINEMA ECOSYSTEM, DATA AND EXPERIENCE ECONOMY (plenary session)

The afternoon session will extend some of the main themes of the conference and bring in voices beyond exhibition,

including professionals from across the film value chain. The sessions will have a broad objective of focusing on the

future context of an enhanced and extended cinema experience and the place of knowledge and data in the evolution

of independent cinema.

 Panel 1 - The Cinema Ecosystem (2.00-3.00pm)

  • Is a new cinema ecosystem emerging, changing the relationship between film and audience and the structure of the value chain? Where does cinema fit in this new environment?
  • How can producers-sales agents-distributors-exhibitors cooperate to create a more effective career for a film?
  • What effect will VOD and other changes have on the film value chain? Might cinema have potential for a broader role, at one end in production and at the other in VOD?

Panel 2 - Knowledge, Data And The Experience Economy (3.00-4.00pm)

  • How essential is data and knowledge in the evolution of independent cinema in the digital age?
  • The importance of transparent data for cinemas and European film – and in making the case for investment.
  • Is the concentration of the exhibition market a threat to the independent cinema business and how might this question be addressed?

4.00-4.45pm     SESSION 5 - 20 SLIDES’ ARTHOUSE TALES (plenary session)

One of the most valuable parts of the Conference is getting to know how different exhibitors approach running their cinemas and engaging with their audiences, whether they are single-screen, small town venues or major established cinemas in big cities. So for the first time, a new session will allow different cinemas to tell their stories – in 20 slides, each for 20 seconds, over 7mins for each theater.

4.45-5.30pm     PREVIEW OF EUROPEAN FILM TRAILERS (plenary session)
 5.30-7.00pm  GET TOGETHER (Radisson Blu Hotel) (Drinks and finger foods)





The final day will be focused on turning the ideas and practices of the first two days into a coherent action plan for the Network.

The first step will be a presentation of the two Saturday sessions by the moderators, highlighting areas where the conference delegates have recognised the potential for activities and innovation and the need for action. A final panel will be moderated by Michael Gubbins, which will discuss the potential of next steps with a group of Europa Cinemas representatives and network members. It will consider:

  • Opportunities for a strong and sustainable independent cinema sector
  • Areas where the network can play an active role in inspiring and implementing changes in ways that are applicable to the whole network and beyond.
  • The power and potential of shared knowledge and collaboration across the Europa Cinemas network
  • The case for greater public and private investment – and how it can best be made.
  • Strategic steps to ensure that the voice of the Network is heard in regional, national and European policy-making.


1.00-2.00pm     Lunch and End of the Conference


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