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Within the framework of the MEDIA Mundus programme, EUROPA CINEMAS MUNDUS has been offering, since 2009, a support  for theatrical programming based on the circulation and exchange of films between non-EU member states and EU countries, with the following goals:

  • In non-EU member state cinemas, develop the market and audience for European films by providing technical and financial support to the exhibitors for their programming efforts. In European cinemas, develop the market and audience for films from eligible countries outside MEDIA by providing technical and financial support to the exhibitors for their programming efforts.
  • Bring together cinema professionals in an international network in order to improve visibility and increase the circulation of European productions and productions from eligible countris outside MEDIA.
  • Foster a policy of trade and partnership between the exhibitors in all these countries thanks to professional meetings and joint operations, targeting young audiences in particular.

The countries involved in this action are in Asia, Latin America, the Mediterranean region and South Africa.

Present in 51 countries, EUROPA CINEMAS MUNDUS currently brings together:

  • 212 cinemas and 818 screens situated in non-EU member states
  • 487 cinemas and 1,241 screens situated in countries belonging to the European Union.

Guidelines 2013 :


Contacts :

Fatima Djoumer - fatim@djoumer.de
Menem Richa - mricha@europa-cinemas.org

For more info: MEDIA MUNDUS

Support to theatrical distribution of European films outside MEDIA



A. Third countries in question

The third countries concerned are countries which are not members of the MEDIA programme. In particular this includes countries in Latin America, Asia, the Balkans, the Middle East and Africa.

B. Aims

  • To facilitate market release in third countries of European films shown at festivals.
  • To encourage financial investments by distributors and exhibitors for the benefit of these films.
  • To increase programming of European films in cinemas in order to raise their profile with the general public and achieve larger audiences for these films.
  • To involve within an international network film professionals in third countries in promoting shared aims to ensure that European productions are shown more widely in these countries.

C. Beneficiaries

  • Film distribution companies

D. Mechanisms

  • For distributors: Reducing the cost of releasing and promoting European films.








Fatima Djoumer - fatim@djoumer.de
Menem Richa - mricha@europa-cinemas.org