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Force Majeure

Director : Ruben Östlund
Production year : 2014
Nationality : Sweden
Other country (ies) : Denmark, Norway
Force Majeure

Release Dates

Country Release date Local title
Romania 2015/11/27 Caz de forţă majoră
Bosnia Herzegovina 2015/05/28 Turist
Italy 2015/05/07 Forza Maggiore
Russia 2015/04/23 Форс-мажор
The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia 2015/04/17 Турист
Ireland 2015/04/10 Force Majeure
United Kingdom 2015/04/10 Force Majeure
Spain 2015/02/27 Fuerza mayor
Netherlands 2015/02/19 Turist
Poland 2015/02/06 Turysta
France 2015/01/28 Snow Therapy
Belgium 2015/01/28 Force majeure
Finland 2015/01/23 Turist
Austria 2015/01/23 Höhere Gewalt
Czech Republic 2015/01/22 Vyšší moc
Greece 2015/01/15 Ανωτέρα βία
Slovak Republic 2015/01/15 Vyšší moc
Croatia 2014/12/18 Turist
Denmark 2014/12/11 Force majeure
Switzerland 2014/12/11 Turist
Latvia 2014/12/03 Force Majeure
Germany 2014/11/20 Höhere Gewalt
Slovenia 2014/11/19 Višja sila
Estonia 2014/11/14 Vääramatu jõud
Lithuania 2014/11/05 Force Majeure
Norway 2014/10/24 Turist
Turkey 2014/10/17 Turist
Hungary 2014/10/02 Lavina
Sweden 2014/08/15 Turist

Circulation of the film in the network until 2017

651 Number of cinemas
35 Number of countries

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