Director : Martin Sulík

Production year : 2011

Country : Czech Republic

Cast : Ján Mižigár, Martin Hangurbadžo, Martina Kotlárová, Miroslav Gulyas, Attila Mokos, Miroslava Jarábeková, Ivan Mirga

Synopsis : For 14-year-old Adam, the world of his poor Romany village has only two joys: boxing and Julka, a friend his same age. But after the violent death of his father, the boy experiences life’s harsher side: his mother does not mourn long and remarries her brother-in law, a loan shark and thief, who draws Adam and his brothers into his dubious business.

Country Release date Titles
Czech Republic 2011-07-07 Cigan
United Kingdom Gypsy
Netherlands 2012-07-05 Cigan
Poland 2012-06-08 Cygan
Slovak Republic 2011-07-14 Cigan




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