El Camino de los ingleses

Director : Antonio Banderas

Production year : 2006

Country : Spain

Cast : Alberto Amarilla, María Ruiz, Victoria Abril, Juan Diego, Félix Gómez, Raúl Arévalo, Marta Nieto, Mario Casas

Synopsis : It´s summertime and Miguelito and his friends meet by the swimming pool. There´s Babirusa, a teenage rebel with a passion for martial arts, Paco, a rich snob, and Moratalla, the baby of the gang. The gang follows the path of love, friendship, dreams and ambitions which, like the Camino de los Ingleses, a road that crosses their hometown, could take them anywhere. But the path is tortuous and every summer has its rainy day.

Country Release date Titles
Spain 2006-11-30 El Camino de los ingleses
France Summer Rain
Hungary 2007-08-23 Forró zápor
Romania 2007-08-24 Ploaie de Vara




Summer Rain

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