Le Petit Lieutenant

Director : Xavier Beauvois

Production year : 2004

Country : France

Cast : Nathalie Baye, Jalil Lespert, Roschdy Zem, Jacques Perrin, Antoine Chappey

Synopsis : When he gets out of the Police Academy, Antoine heads for Paris to join the Second Division of the detective branch. Caroline Vaudieu, back on the beat after overcoming alcoholism, chooses the young lieutenant for her vice squad. Full of enthusiasm, Antoine learns the tricks of the trade alongside Vaudieu’s men. She quickly becomes attached to the young man, who is the same age as her son – were he alive…

Country Release date Titles
Austria 2007-08-17 Eine fatale Entscheidung
Belgium 2006-01-04 Le Petit Lieutenant
Switzerland 2006-04-27 Le Petit Lieutenant
Germany 2006-07-06 Eine fatale Entscheidung
France 2005-11-16 Le Petit Lieutenant
Hungary A Kis hadnagy
Netherlands 2006-11-30 Le Petit Lieutenant
Russia 2012-05-21 Молодой лейтенант
Sweden 2007-01-05 Ung snut




The Young Lieutenant

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