Salmer fra kjokkenet

Director : Bent Hamer

Production year : 2002

Country : Norway

Other country(-ies) : Sweden

Cast : Joachim Calmeyer, Tomas Nörstrom, Bjorn Floberg, Reine Brynolfsson

Synopsis : During the post-war period, a group of Swedish observers from the Home Research Institute completed a study which revealed that the distance travelled on foot during a normal year in the kitchen is equal to that between Sweden and the Republic of Congo, but if the design of a kitchen follows an assembly line layout then one need only walk to Northern Italy. After such success, the institute descends upon a small Norwegian village with its surplus of bachelors to study the kitchen routines of single men. A humorous fable of friendship and the timeless human desire to escape classification.

Country Release date Titles
Brazil Histórias de Cozinha
Czech Republic 2004-03-25 Povidky z kuchyne
Germany 2004-02-05 Kitchen Stories
Denmark 2004-02-13 Salmer fra køkkenet
Estonia 2004-06-02 Köögilood
Spain 2005-05-27 Kitchen stories
Europe Salmer fra kjokkenet
Finland 2004-11-05 Keittiötarinoita
United Kingdom 2004-01-02 Kitchen stories
Greece 2003-09-26 Istories tis kouzinas
Hungary 2004-02-12 Dalok a konyhából
Norway 2003-01-17 Salmer fra kjokkenet
Poland 2004-02-20 Historie kuchenne
Sweden 2003-09-19 Psalmer fran köket
Slovak Republic 2005-04-28 Poviedky z kuchyne




Kitchen Stories ( Salmer fra kjøkkenet )

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