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The Network - 31/05/2007


Poland - Festivals on tour in network theatres



If a Spanish or Norwegian film festival comes to a town near you, the chances are that it will take place in a network theatre! Polish network theatres, which are particularly proactive in this respect, are proof of this.

2006 saw a good fifty events or festivals feature in the programming of the Polish network theatres. And many of these festivals travel across the entire country.

In particular, programmes dedicated to Bergman, Visconti, Pasolini and Kieslowski (who died 10 years previously) came to theatres, with the aim of bringing these filmmakers to the attention of young audiences. As far as the promotion of national filmmaking is concerned, the 6th Days of Spanish Cinema featured on the bill at, amongst other venues, the Muranow in Warsaw, Kino Pod Baranami in Krakow and Kino Charlie in Lodz. German cinema was the focus of several special programmes. Days of German Cinema appeared at Kino Swiatowid in Katowice in November and was also on the bill in Wroclaw, Opole and Poznan. Another selection of German films - under the banner Deutsche Details - was shown in the theatres of 7 other Polish towns. French cinema is not to be outdone either: countless special programmes are dedicated to it, such as The Night of French Cinema organised at Kino Amok in Gliwice in May. And there are several programmes focusing on Romanian and Hungarian films, in partnership, like the majority of these festivals, with cultural representations from these countries. The Paper will be blue, the latest offering from Radu Muntean, one of the most impressive of the new wave of Romanian filmmakers, has therefore been shown to a not insignificant audience, even though it has yet to be released anywhere in Europe. And the 11th European film festival, which took place in the spring, made an appearance at the Kino Apollo in Poznan and the Kino Charlie, in particular.

The programming at Kino Charlie could be regarded as a festival in its own right, with events following on from each other throughout the year: the Camerimage festival, films by video makers, the ReAnimacja festival and Spanish films presented by the Cervantes Institute. But this cinema is not alone when it comes to displaying initiative. In February, Kino Atom, in Wroclaw, held its impressive annual film marathon. As for Kino Swiatowid in Katowice which showed - independently - a retrospective of films by the Dardenne brothers (including their documentaries). And these are just a few examples.

This commitment to diversity is by no means restricted to European films. In April, the Luna, in Warsaw, featured a festival of African films, AfryKamera, which also showed at Kino Rialto in Poznan and Kino Pod Baranami. And in June, shortly before they closed in the summer for renovation, the Kultura and Rejs cinemas in Warsaw spotlighted the Latin American film festival. They are due to reopen in the course of 2007, having undergone a digital refurbishment that will hopefully enable them to go even further in the presentation of world cinema.

Jean-Baptiste Selliez, excerpts from Europa Cinemas´ newsletter


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