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The Network - 30/11/2007


Original initiative by the Kino Svetozor in Prague


Securing audience fidelity by making it possible to "adopt" one seat in the cinema. 


In 2008, the Kino Svetozor will celebrate its 90th anniversary. To celebrate this event it will undergo major renovations, with brand new equipment and comfortable seats for its audiences.

These new seats, moreover, are the object of an innovative marketing campaign: over their internet site, the cinema exhibitors are making it possible to sponsor a seat of one's choice by becoming its "adoptive parent" for a 5-year period.

A club of "adoptive parents of the Svetozor seats" has been created, allowing its members to benefit from numerous advantages: a personalised name on the selected seat, invitations to private screenings, and an invitation to Kino Svetozor's grand reopening ceremony after the renovation.

The adoption campaign is open to individuals as well as enterprises. Adoption prices range from 5,000 CZK (186.75 euros) to 20,000 CZK (747 euros) for businesses.

For further information on this strategy and the history of this particularly dynamic theatre: Kino Svetozor


Pictures: Kino Svetozor