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The Network - 08/07/2008


Festivals of animated film rocking cinemas in the East



Film theatres in the Europa Cinemas network are not only places for the expression of European films but are among the most dynamic film theatres in Europe in terms of their activities for young audiences. This commitment to screening cinematographic heritage is all the more welcome since many of these theatres hold festivals of animated films, often organised by themselves, which one might consider a difficult undertaking. There are few resources in Europe to support a programme schedule of several few hours, and these are often short films. So the spadework by the organisers (and their enthusiasm!) is all the more impressive. Nowadays some of the most interesting initiatives are taking place in Eastern European film theatres.

An example of this is the International Animated Film Festival ReAnimacja, which Charlie's team has run for five years, in Lodz (Poland). The programme schedule, open to all members of the public, becomes more ambitious each year and last April 75 films from across the world were screened. For children, an imposing cycle of Bulgarian animated films was offered - revealing the importance accorded by programme schedulers to the screening of rare films. The rich Polish heritage is certainly not being neglected and it should also be noted that Polish film theatres in the network often create programmes for young audiences based on classic short animated films from Poland. 

The festival Animated Dreams, which is held at the Sõprus cinema in Tallinn and remains the sole festival of animated film in Estonia, presents a similar face: the 9th event, in November 2007, offered in particular Estonian films about dolls, a programme schedule dedicated to the English Aardman studio and a focus on Czech animated films.

Bucharest also has its own international festival with Animest, which will take place for the third time in October in several Europa Cinemas film theatres. Its programme scheduler, Laurentiu Bratan, is also the manager of the Elvire Popesco film theatre. Last autumn, a special programme was devoted to French animated films.

Even though the list above is not exhaustive, we must not fail to mention the Animateka festival in Ljubljana at the Kinodvor cinema, dedicated to productions from Central and Eastern Europe, the Festival of Animated Film Kecskemét, in Hungary, at the Otthon film theatre, and BAB, the Biennial of Animated Film, taking place in the Tatra and Mladost film theatres in Bratislava.

We could go further . Animadrid in Madrid or the Holland Animation Film Festival in Utrecht 'T Hoogt . but to satisfy your curiosity we invite you to consult regurlarly this section.

Jb Selliez