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The Network - 20/11/2009


Europa Cinemas Awards 2009 - Best Young Audience Activities



Multisala Pio X & Excelsior, Padova (Italy)

„It's great to work with the kids because they get involved a lot and the emotions from the film leave a deep impression on them and even overwhelm us adults,“ says Gabriele Pedrina, manager of the MPX-Multisala Pio X and Excelsior cinemas in Padova, who receives this year's Europa Cinemas Award for Best Young Audience Activities. 

„By partnering with teachers, each projection becomes an occasion for discussions and workshops, the foyer is transformed into a space for creative activities for younger learners, and the room becomes the space outside the school where high school students listen and tell their story,“ Gabriele Pedrina adds.

The numbers prove that the concept works: only last season saw 20 schools bringing in over 2,000 students, aged between 8 and 19 years, and Pedrina suggests that the encounter with cinema helps to introduce the young people to the other arts: „The live orchestras, for example, are an opportunity to explain how music and images talk to one other, and something similar happens with the dance.“

„Quality European cinema conveys the state of the world to young people, and tackles issues that actually concern them, more successfully than any other cinema,“ Pedrina adds, noting that the connections between the cinemas and university students is even more intense thanks to the structured cooperation with Padova's Faculty of Communication Sciences, Arts and Entertainment.

More than 3,000 young people aged 20 to 25 years have attended the programme of cinema classics. In addition, MPX organises the Weekend Movie Junior screenings for families and children aged up to 10, designed to encourage the kids and their parents to see cinema-going as a fun and reassuring experience.

The recognition on this pan-European level from Europa Cinemas confirms to Pedrina and his team that „we are on the right track. It is an encouragement for us, but also for many of our partners, for teachers and associations with whom we have shared our plans.“
Pictures (from left):
MPX, Filippo Nalon, Gabriele Pedrina, Davide Rampin