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The Network - 11/04/2011


Enrique González Macho, new president of the Spanish Film Academy


The exhibitor, distributor and producer, a key figure of the Europa Cinemas Network, won by 256 votes against 101 for the director Bigas Luna. He replaces director Alex de la Iglesia, who resigned.

Enrique González Macho is one of the emblematic figures of the Europa Cinemas Network, of which he is a founder member. Chairman of the distribution company Alta Films, he also runs the Renoir chain, with 10 complexes now members of our Network.

In 2006, he received the Europa Cinemas Award for Best entrepreneur.

With his cinemas, Enrique has found a real successful method for all the cinemas he has created. The spirit of independence and promotion of diversity has made them bastions of European cinema, with 60% of their programming devoted to European films. As part of a highly competitive market, the Cines Renoir stand out, thanks to their choice of the original version, uncommon in the country.

Enrique is not only a successful entrepreneur who has never put into question the need to defend the cinema d’auteur, but he is also, as he has often shown in our Conferences, a speaker committed to the defense of diversity and to film industry. He will be at the head of the Academy for three years, where he will most notably have the charge to tackle piracy.

We congratulate him for this achievement and wish him success in his future fights.