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The Network - 02/12/2011




Europa Cinemas rewards the Network's best exhibitors.

Each year Europa Cinemas presents three awards to the best exhibitors and cinemas in the Network.
The award for Best Programming distinguishes a cinema for its programming policy in favour of European films, the cultural diversity of the films shown, and initiatives taken by the exhibitor to the draw attention to the films programmed. The award for Best Young Audience Activities recompenses a cinema that puts particular energy into setting up activities geared toward children and adolescents, above and beyond national programmes available in its country. Finally, the award for Entrepreneur Of The Year is given, as its name implies, for entrepreneurial qualities shown by a Network exhibitor, be that an ability to develop his projection spaces or business, or to put in place novel activities.
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The Europa Cinemas Awards 2011 for the best exhibitors in the Europa Cinemas Network go to:



Best Programming:
Exhibitor: Matthias Elwardt -
Established in 1970 and managed by Matthias Elwardt for more than 20 years, the Abaton was one of the first German film theatres to become a member of the Europa Cinemas Network, joining in 1994. An established cultural point of reference in Hamburg and throughout Germany, the three-screen cinema welcomes over 250,000 visitors per year. Fatih Akin's Soul Kitchen attracted over 33,000 viewers there in 2010. Matthias Elwardt pays particular attention to first films, which he regularly proposes to the Abaton's audiences.
The award for Best Programming will be presented to Matthias Elwardt on 2 December at Abaton Kino during the preview screening of the film Breathing by Karl Markovics.




Best Young Audience Activities:
Exhibitor: Ms Jaki McDougall -
Exhibitor: Alice Black -
Exhibitor: Rod White -
The Young Audiences award goes to three cinemas this year, paying tribute not only to their excellent results and initiatives geared to young audiences, but also to highlight a new form of cooperation among exhibitors. The GFT, the DCA and the Filmhouse belong to Young Audiences Cinema Network Scotland (YCANS), a Network of cinemas committed to activities aimed at young Scottish film-goers. Several times a year, seven cinemas gather to discuss programming policy, activities put in place, print sharing and joint applications for financial assistance. These cinemas' successes and the Networking of their competences, supported by Creative Scotland, are a sign of Scotland's special commitment to film education.
The Best Young Audience Activities award will be presented at the Glasgow Youth Film Festival, which will take place at the Glasgow Film Theatre at the beginning of February 2012.


Entrepreneur Of The Year:  
Roman Gutek
Exhibitor of the KINO MURANÓW – WARSAW – Poland –
This award goes to Roman Gutek to recompense the ongoing steadfastness with which he has launched new projects. Roman Gutek manages the Kino Muranów (2 screens) in Warsaw. Established in 1955, taken over by Roman Gutek in 1994 and directed since 2011 by Izabela Wierzbinska, the Muranów received the Europa Cinemas Best Programming award in 2004, ten years after joining the Network. With his distribution company Gutek Film Ltd, established in 1994 and now a reference catalogue for arthouse films in Poland, Gutek turned his attention to children in 2010 with the label Maly Gutek, a selection of European animated films for 5-10 year olds. Roman Gutek is also the creator and artistic director of the summer festival New Horizons in Wroclaw, which in ten years has become one of the country's principal festivals. The association that manages the event developed a distribution branch three years ago. Now seven of the films selected are released in cinemas and on DVD each year.
The award for Entrepreneur Of The Year will be presented to Roman Gutek on 18 December in the Kino Muranów during the preview screening of the new film by Aki Kaurismäki, Le Havre.