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The Network - 15/01/2009


Distribution agreement between Jekino and Le Parc/Folioscope Distribution


At the end of September Flemish distributor Jekino and Walloon distributor Le Parc/Folioscope Distribution announced the signing of a collaboration agreement for the distribution of children’s films in Belgium. They both have a wealth of experience in this area and share similar goals: to disseminate quality films geared towards Young Audiences and to champion European culture among children.
Jekino has been distributing films geared towards Young Audiences in Belgium for more than 30 years. It is also recognised as a cultural player: it was awarded the culture and cinema prize in 2007 by the Flemish Community. Le Parc Distribution distributes atypical films geared towards Young Audiences: it distributes films aimed at a very young audience, unusual length films or even short film programmes and it re-releases old films, etc… Folioscope is responsible for organising the Anima festival, the festival of Animation in Brussels. The association has developed other activities, notably DVD production and distribution, and has joined forces with Le Parc Distribution for dissemination of quality animated films in cinemas.
The two distributors have for their part each developed a distribution network of their films in schools. To do this, they focus on young people and also their parents and teaching staff. Jekino has set up “Lessen in het donker” [Lessons in the dark] in the Flemish Community. Le Parc Distribution has implemented “Ecran large sur tableau noir” [Wide screen on blackboard] in the French-speaking Community. For this project, it is collaborating with the Centre culturel Les Grignoux from where it arose and with which it maintains strong ties. This project offers films accompanied by educational programmes for schoolchildren.
Until now, Le Parc/Folioscope did not have the means to dub its French language films in Dutch. As for Jekino, if it dubbed its films in Dutch it had no successful distribution network in Wallonia for its films in French. Nevertheless, both had distribution rights most of the time for the whole of Belgium. Their collaboration will initially concern animated films. Mutualisation of their distribution network will enable them to optimise distribution of their films in Belgium where it has so far depended on their mother tongue first and foremost.

Emilie Boucheteil / Stéphanie Dufour

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