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The Network - 05/04/2012


Claude Miller has passed away


Claude Miller has passed away, struck down by an illness with which he had been courageously struggling for many months. He had just finished his film THERESE DESQUEYROUX, which he shot this summer. The many members of the Europa Cinemas Network, which he had presided over since 1993, remember him above all for his exceptional warmth and commitment. His immense talent as a filmmaker and his international recognition were genuine assets in constructing this network of cinemas, with which he maintained the closest of ties. He loved writing screenplays, directing actors and making films, but at the same time he was always keen to expose audiences to a wide diversity of films, both in terms of genre and origin. For almost twenty years he enjoyed sharing the daily life of network exhibitors, meeting them on location and visiting their cinemas. We were proud of the sincere interest he brought to this work, and we knew we could always count on him. His films will remain, but we will never forget the part of his life he dedicated to Europa Cinemas, actively championing the diversity of films in European cinemas – and around the world.
 Our thoughts go out to his family, in particular to his wife Annie and his son Nathan.



Androulla Vassiliou, Commissaire européenne pour l'éducation, la culture, le multilinguisme et la jeunesse

Claude Miller était non seulement un grand cinéaste à succès, il s'est toujours passionné pour le cinéma européen et sa diversité. Sous sa Présidence, le réseau Europa Cinemas s'est beaucoup agrandi et comprend maintenant 3 000 écrans dans plus de 60 pays. Mr Miller sera très regretté par tous ceux qui l'ont connu et qui ont travaillé avec lui.


Martun Adoyan et Tagouhi Karapetyan, Cinema “Moscow", Yerevan, Armenia

It was with deep regret that we learnt about the sad demise of Claude Miller.
He was a remarkable person and will always be remembered by all friends and acquaintances. We have had the honour of working with him.
Our colleagues join me in sending their deepest condolences on this occasion.
With prayers for the departed soul,

Milazim Salihu and Miradije Vllahiu, “Kino ABC", Prishtina, Republic of Kosova

We would like to express the most sincere condolences on the passing of Claude Miller to You, Europa Cinemas and his family.
Claude Miller will always be remembered with fondness by his colleagues and those whose lives Claude Miller touched.
At this time of mourning and grief, our prayers are with you.
Please accept our heartfelt condolences.

Nina Peče, Kinodvor Cinema, Ljubljana, Slovenia

We are deeply saddened by the tragic loss of Claude Miller, the president of Europa Cinemas. We have admired his work as a director and in all other aspects of filmmaking but also his endless efforts as the presiding over the network. He will be gravely missed. Our heartfelt condolences and thoughts go out to his family, friends and colleagues.

Mounia et Mohamed Layadi, Cinéma “Le Colisée”, Marrakech, Maroc

C'est avec beaucoup de tristesse que nous avons appris Mounia et moi la disparition de Claude Miller. Les exploitants et distributeurs marocains que j'ai eu au téléphone aujourd'hui se joignent à moi pour présenter nos condoléances les plus sincères.

Nida Karabol Akdeniz and Birsen Oy, “Kardelen Sinemalari", Bolu, Turkey

We are so sorry for Claude Miller, God bless you and his family.

Daniela, Marlies and Sandra , Theatiner München, Cinema Göttingen, Germany

This is very sad news. Our thoughts are with his family and also with all of you at Europa Cinemas who have worked so closely with him over so many years.
He was certainly a very special and highly committed chair and we were very lucky that he championed cinema exhibition across Europe for so many years.


Francesca Rossini, Cinema Abc, Bari, Italy

Our thougths go to his family for a very special man. With love


Tagliafichi Alberto, Cinema Jolly, Piacenza, Italia

Siamo molto rattristati per la scomparsa di Claude Miller e ci associamo alla rete di Europa Cinemas per porgere ai Familiari le più sentite condoglianze.

Domenico Dinoia,Cinema Massimo Troisi di San Donato Milanese, Milano, Italia

Profondamente addolorato per la scomparsa di CLAUDE MILLER un grande regista e un grande amico del cinema e delle sale cinematografiche.
Resterà nei nostri cuori un appassionato ricordo e un impegno a proseguire il suo lavoro.
Sentite condoglianze alla sua famiglia e ai suoi cari.

Toshko Gyaurov, Festival and Congress Centre, Varna, Bulgaria

We sorrow over Claude Miller’s death with you.
It’s our conviction that if EUROPA CINEMAS is such a reputable and authoritative organization nowadays, it is out of doubt thanks to him, too.
Please, express our condolences to his wife and his son.
With most kind regards,


Djive Galov, Kino Sloboda, Dubrovnik, Croatia

We are so sorry to hear it,our condolences to his family and friends.


Jiten Hemdev & Rashmi Peswani, Star Entertainment, India

We, at Star Entertainment (P) Ltd; deeply regret the death of Claude Miller,President of Europa Cinemas.
Please accept our deepest condolences & heartfelt respects to the departed soul.
May God give strength and courage to all the family members and the entire Europa Cinemas team to tide over this extreme loss and grief.

Paula Zupnik, Distribution Company, Argentina

Desde la argentina tambien enviamos nuestro pesar a su familia y nuestro abrazo fraterno a todo el equipo que con el trabajaba y que lo extranara mucho sin lugar a dudas.
Saludos afectuosos

Kamal Jain, Superfine, India

We are saddened greatly and share the grief with Europa Cinemas on the demise of Claude Miller, the multi faceted talent. We believe that Cine fraternity has really lost a gem and will have to wait for long for the one to reappear.
We pay our sincere homage to the departed and our heartfelt condolences are with Annie and Nathan on the irrecoverable loss.
Sincere Regards,

André Sturm, Providence films, Brazil

I'd like to express my personal condolence and my sympathy on his passing, and also in the name of Providence Films.


Cristian Bibes & Nora Suarez, Telexcel, Argentina

Nuestro más sentido pésame a la familia, colaboradores y amigos de este gran ser humano.

Adhemar Oliveira and your friends from Cinemas Itau, Cinespaço,Cinearte, Brazil

We are all so sad to hear that.
Our deepest thoughts to you all at Europa Cinemas and his relatives.
Cinema, today, has lost a significant part.

Alejandro Parra, Cine Arte Alameda, Santiago, Chili

Me adhiero a el sentir del comunidad cinematográfica por el viaje hacia la eternidad  de Claude Miller
Así como todo el equipo de Gitano Films
Cordialmente en este frágil momento
Desdel fin del mundo

Ritsuko Iwanami, Iwanami Hall, Tokyo, Japon

We are saddened to learn of your President, Mr. Claude Miller's passing, who was a great film director. We, as a small cinema far from Europe, are very encouraged by the help of Europa Cinemas and appreciate his activities.
Please accept our sincere condolences.

Mario Giansanti, Terminale Cinema, Prato, Italia

Abbiamo avuto l'onore di conoscere personalmente Claude è stato un onore e un piacere che non potremo mai dimenticare!
Le più sentite condoglianze da parte mia e della coop Terminalecinema.

Jean-Marie Cavada, Président du Mouvement européen-France, Député européen, Membre de la Commission Culture et Éducation, Président de l'intergroupe MEDIA

Au moment de la cérémonie officielle qui salue aujourd'hui à Paris la mémoire du cinéaste Claude Miller, je tiens à rendre hommage publiquement à la finesse du talent, à l’exigence de sa construction cinématographique, et à la recherche fébrile dont cet homme d'idées a toujours fait preuve. Mais nous voulons aussi remercier Claude Miller pour son travail à la tête d'Europa Cinemas. Il y a démontré une soif de culture qui a permis de connaître des talents et des œuvres venus de notre continent si fertile en création artistique.

Le Mouvement européen-France présente à sa famille, à l'équipe d'Europa Cinemas et à ses amis ses condoléances.


Eugene Song, Tcast, South Korea

Dear all at Europa Cinemas, We're very sorry to hear the sad news. All at Tcast would like to present our condolences to the great filmmaker and your president.


Antonio Llorens Sanchis, Administrateur Europa Cinemas, Cines Albatros y Babel, Espagne

Nous venons tous de perdre un homme formidable et un cinéaste très aimé. Europa Cinemas est en deuil.


Kirsten Dalgaard, Expert & Administrator Europa Cinemas, Admiral Films, Danemark

What terrible news, although we were prepared, I hoped for the best. We lost such a gentle man, a good friend and full bodied cineast supporting our European cinema in so many ways but also loving world cinema. He will be dearly missed and my thoughts go to his family. Lots of love from Kirsten.


Nico Simon, Vice Président d'Europa Cinemas, Utopia / Utopolis, Luxembourg

Nous venons tous de perdre un homme gentil. Europa Cinémas perd un vrai parrain. Claude aura laissé une vraie œuvre. Je m’associe au deuil de sa famille et de ses proches.


Michel Demopoulos,  Expert & Administrateur d'Europa Cinemas, Consultant Médias et Culture, Grèce

Quelle tristesse. Je l'estimais beaucoup. Toutes mes condoléances à la famille! Nous voila bien orphelins à Europa Cinemas...Theo et Claude étaient dans la même promotion à l'IDHEC, ils nous ont quittés cette année...sombre année!!!


Ian CHRISTIE, Vice-Président d'Europa Cinemas , London University, Royaume Uni

Nouvelle très triste, même si nous avons été préparés pendant des semaines. Claude était une source d'inspiration, calme mais énergique, qui a mis beaucoup de travail dans la construction et le soutien d'Europa Cinemas. Verrons-nous son pareil encore?  Je ne crois pas. Mais nous avons eu le bonheur de l'avoir connu et profité de son engagement, non seulement à faire des films, mais aussi en assurant qu'ils sont vus.


Henk CAMPING, Administrateur Europa Cinemas,  Filmtheatre't Hoogt, Utrecht, Pays-Bas

What a terrible news! I remember him as a keen person. Once in an elevator in one of those expert meeting hotels, I made one of my famous” jeux de mots”.  Three words in French. He said: “I knew it, you understand French very well”.


Christiane VON WAHLERT,  Experte Europa Cinemas, SPIO, Allemagne

Quelle triste nouvelle, quelle perte. Je présente mes condoléances à sa famille et à tout Europa Cinemas.


Yukiko Yokochi, Kyoto Cinema, Kyoto, Japon

Let me send my deepest condolence. One of his work,' La Classe de neige' was fabulous.


Les Fils De Georges Haddad & Co., Beyrouth, Liban

Nous avons appris avec beaucoup d’émotion le décès de Mr. Claude Miller
 Nous tenons à vous exprimer notre peine. Nous partageons votre douleur.
 Nous vous adressons nos sentiments les plus sincères.

Avec nos sincères condoléances,