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The Network - 09/03/2012


ASBL Les 400 Coups (Caméo2 and Forum in Namur) turns 20!


Stéphanie Perpète, director of the Forum and Caméo 2 cinemas in Namur, Belgium.

The ASBL Les 400 Coups will celebrate its 20th birthday from 10-13 March.

With its two cinemas in Namur, the Forum (1 screen) and the Caméo 2 (3 screens), ASBL Les 400 Coups programmes Belgian and foreign auteur films in the original version with subtitles. In 2011 it attracted almost 70,000 film enthusiasts.

Sponsoring the event are two mainstays of the Namur cinema landscape: the actor Nicolas Buysse and Nicole Gillet, programming director of the Namur International French-language Film Festival. The evening of Saturday 10 March will be moderated by Philippe Reynaert, the director of Wallimage and presenter of the film programme "Ciné Station" on RTBF.


How did this adventure start?

As its name indicates, the ASBL Les 400 Coups is a non-profit association (Association Sans But Lucratif in Belgian, ndt). It was founded 20 years ago to take over the management of the cinema Le Forum, which had existed since the 1950s and was located outside of downtown Namur. In its débuts it was a film club run by people passionate about the cinema. They met once a month and at one point decided to go professional.

In 2007, the ASBL Les 400 Coups moved into the buildings of the Caméo 2, which had been bought by the municipality in order to create a location dedicated to arthouse films and propose a more diverse programming faced with commercial cinema.

The audiences from the old location followed us to the centre of town, where the cinema has been able to consolidate its place in the city's cultural landscape with ever-higher attendances.

The anniversary celebrations allow us to spotlight the marvellous work done by the team and pay tribute to our audiences' enthusiasm. In September 2012, the Caméo 2 will close for a complete renovation, when it will be equipped with a digital projector.


What role do your cinemas play in the city?

They're beacons of culture. Namur is the capital of the Walloon Region and a large student city. So it's important to offer quality productions and auteur films.

We work with students and younger audiences as well, in partnership with other cultural establishments in the city. The programming over these four days is an example.


Can you tell something about the events planned for these four days?

The first evening will start with a screening of MAN BITES DOG by Benoît Poelvoorde, Rémy Belvaux (both of them from Namur) and Alain Bonzel. The film came out 20 years ago and introduced Belgian cinema to the world.

The Belgian director Jaco Van Dormael will also be honoured, with his short film È PERICOLOSO SPORGERSI.


Saturday morning is dedicated to children, with screenings of films selected for them.

On Sunday, in collaboration with the organisation National Work for the Blind (ONA), we will programme free screenings and project the film UNTOUCHABLE in audiovision, a technique that allows blind and visually-impaired people to follow and understand films better without seeing the images. We organise this event once a month, by the way. It gives blind people access to new films and dovetails perfectly with the educational role of the film theatre.

Monday is dedicated to music and jazz, in partnership with the Namur jazz association Nam’in’Jazz, with the screening of the film MICHEL PETRUCCIANI followed by a concert. And Tuesday is a carte blanche for the association Média10-10, which will present a selection of Belgian short films in the presence of certain directors.


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