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The Network - 13/03/2006


400 Coups cinema in Angers: Europa Cinemas honoured again


Isabelle Tarrieux and Anne-Juliette Jolivet, of Les 400 Coups cinema in Angers, were voted 2005's Exhibitor(s) of the Year by the magazine Le film français. This award, bestowed upon several cinemas in the Europa Cinemas network over the last few years, was granted by a panel of five distributors.


The 13th Trophées of the specialist magazine Le film français awarded Best Cinema for 2005 to the 400 Coups cinema in Angers, which are run by Isabelle Tarrieux with programme scheduling carried out by Anne-Juliette Jolivet. To assist their selection, distributors not only had to take into account the cinema's results but also to appraise its animation and programme scheduling policies.
This further success for a network cinema follows on from the Trophées previously won by Utopia Toulouse (2000), Utopia Saint-Ouen l'Aumône (2001), the Balzac in Paris (2002), the Atalante in Bayonne (2003), and Jean-Marie Guillaume (2004) who's the exhibitor of the Cine Mazarin in Aix-en-Provence.
Les 400 Coups cinema, created in 1982 and run by Claude-Eric Poiroux, comprises 5 screens with a total of 700 seats. Two new auditoria, each with 80 seats, are under construction at the same site and will thus offer 7 screens for original version films d'auteur and films for young audiences.
This extension will enable a greater range of titles to be offered to the people of Angers, and for the films to be shown for longer. The complex hopes to achieve 300,000 admissions annually and to exceed its current 20% market share in a city which, with 200,000 inhabitants, also has a 12-screen Gaumont multiplex and a 5-screen Gaumont complex whose schedules of popular films complement those of Les 400 Coups.
This Trophée is given in recognition of the hard work entailed in winning over and developing loyalty in local audiences, giving European films more than their due. It is all the more a cause for satisfaction since it is awarded by a panel of distributors and underlines the importance of city centre cinemas in the country's larger cities.


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