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Audience Development & Innovation Lab, Sofia 2015 - Building Audiences from the Ground Up

Within the framework of a partnership with Sofia International Film Festival (Bulgaria), Europa Cinemas is pleased to invite you to participate in Europa Cinemas Audience Development &...

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Activities - 26/01/2015

Back from the Sevilla Innovation Lab 2014

For its third Audience Development and Innovation Lab in 2014, Europa Cinemas joined forces for the first time with the Sevilla European Film Festival and invited 41 exhibitors from 13 different...

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Activities - 12/12/2014

THE SALT OF THE EARTH: the documentary has seen success in film theatres in several countries

The Salt of the Earth is a documentary co-produced by Wim Wenders and Juliano Ribeiro Salgado on the work of the photographer Sebastiao Salgado, Juliano’s father. It has been extremely successful in...

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Highlights - 21/11/2014

9-3 connected cinemas: promoting new screening practices in cinemas - Interview with Boris Spire

At 3 p.m. on Sunday 23 November 2014, audiences of three cinemas in the French department of Seine-Saint-Denis (department 93, to the north and north east of Paris) will get the chance to participate...

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The Network - 17/11/2014

De Matteo and Cantet Awarded at Venice Days.

The Italian film I NOSTRI RAGAZZI directed by Ivano de Matteo has won the Europa Cinemas Label as Best European Film in the Giornate degli Autori/Venice Days section of the Venice Film Festival. 2014...

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Activities - 05/09/2014

Interview with Anastasios Liagkris, Cinema Alexandra, Athens, Greece

At the end of the Karlovy Vary Film Festival, a jury made up of 4 network exhibitors has awarded the Europa Cinemas Label to FREE FALL by György Pálfi, Anastasios Liagkris from the cinema Alexandra...

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Activities - 25/07/2014

Label Europa Cinemas @ Festival del film Locarno

Locarno, 6-16 August 2014, 4 Network exhibitors from Poland, Belgium, the United Kingdom and South Africa will take part in the “Europa Cinemas Label Jury” on the occasion of the upcoming Festival...

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Activities - 23/07/2014

Europa Cinemas Label at Karlovy Vary (4-12 July 2014)

Karlovy Vary, 4-12 July 2014, 4 Network exhibitors from Lithuania, Greece, Czech Republic and Belgium will take part in the “Europa Cinemas Label Jury” on the occasion of the upcoming Karlovy Vary...

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Activities - 03/07/2014

Directors' Fortnight : LES COMBATTANTS wins Europa Cinemas Label

The French film LES COMBATTANTS (Love at First Fight), directed by Thomas Cailley, has won the Europa Cinemas Label as Best European film in the Directors’ Fortnight section, it was announced today...

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Activities - 23/05/2014

Interview with Pierre-Emmanuel Finzi, Stadtkino & Filmhaus (Vienna)

At the end of the Cannes Festival, a jury made up of 4 network exhibitors will award the Europa Cinemas Label to the best European film presented during Directors’ Fortnight. Pierre-Emmanuel Finzi...

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The Network - 16/05/2014

2013 Network Results: Searching for European Film Hits

In 2013, the network’s statistics were above average, with the 60% target for European screenings being hit. But with 2 films exceeding the 1 million viewer mark across the 882 cinemas and 2,111...

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The Network - 13/05/2014

Berlinale - Europa Cinemas at the EFM from 6 to 14 February 2014

Europa Cinemas will be present at the European Film Market. The first major market of the year that attracts professionals from around the globe has announced a few organisational novelties.The EFM,...

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Highlights - 05/02/2014

Europa Cinemas Label - Berlinale - February 6-16, 2014

In the frame of the upcoming 64th Berlinale, a Jury made of 4 Network‘s exhibitors will award the Europa Cinemas Label to a European film from Panorama section. The 4 Jury members from Switzerland,...

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Activities - 20/01/2014

Europe MEDIA

Apply for Membership - Europa Cinemas / MEDIA

Applications will be examined by the Europa Cinemas Committee of Experts in October 2013. You can read the MEDIA Guidelines on this website for the support scheme and the conditions for...

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The Network - 03/07/2013

Europa Cinemas supports the cultural exception

May 19 2013, Cannes: the 300 exhibitors from the Europa Cinemas Network who attended the annual meeting in Cannes today welcomed Ms. Aurélie Filipetti (Minister of Culture and Communication), Ms....

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The Network - 19/05/2013

Europa Cinemas at Cannes 2013

We'll be pleased to meet you at the Europa Cinemas stand (Pavillon européen) during all the festival.On the occasion of the 66th Cannes Film Festival , the EUROPA CINEMAS NETWORK MEETING will take...

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The Network - 13/05/2013

Label Europa Cinemas in Berlin!

On the 15th February, a jury made of four exhibitors of the network will grant the Europa Cinemas Label for Best European Film during Panorama section at the Berlinale.Films eligible for Europa...

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Activities - 31/01/2013

Europa Cinemas Label - Interview with Irina Efstratiou - Cine Astra - Naxos

We interview Irina Efstratiou, manager of Cine Astra in Naxos, on the occasion of her participation as a jury member for the Europa Cinemas Label.What do you expect from the Berlinale as a member of...

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Activities - 29/01/2013

Europa Cinemas Label - Interview with Anne Kellner - Lichtspieltheater Wundervoll - Rostock

We interview Anne Kellner, Programming and Commercial Director of Lichtspieltheater Wundervoll in Rostock, on the occasion of her participation as a jury member for the Europa Cinemas Label.What do...

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Activities - 29/01/2013

Interview with Laurent Dutoit, Geneva

Laurent Dutoit works for Agora Films as a distributor in Switzerland; he is also programming director at three network member cinemas in Geneva (Scala, Bio City) and Nord-Sud. In this interview,...

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The Network - 04/12/2012

Europa Cinemas Awards 2012 - Entrepreneur of the Year

The award for Best Entrepreneur of 2012 pays tribute to the commitment of Stefan Kitanov, who for the past 20 years has tirelessly championed the dissemination of European cinema in Bulgaria....

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The Network - 26/11/2012

Europa Cinemas Awards 2012 - Best Young Audience Activities

Wulf Sörgel and Iris Praefke, the exhibitors at Moviemento – a historic cinema in Berlin’s Kreuzberg district – took over management of the cinema in 2007 and focussed their programming in one...

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The Network - 26/11/2012

Europa Cinemas Awards 2012 - Best Programming

Star – Strasbourg - France.Established in 1984 and member of the Europa Cinemas network since 1995, the Star had over 150,000 admissions in 2011 in its five theatres, which have recently been...

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The Network - 26/11/2012


MEDIA support for the digitization of cinemas

The call for proposal MEDIA 2012 concerning the support for the digitization of cinemas in European countries has just been launched. It specifically concerns theatres in which at least one screen...

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Highlights - 01/06/2012

THE REPENTANT wins Cannes Europa Cinemas Label

Franco-Algerian film THE REPENTANT (EL TAAIB), directed by Merzak Allouache has won the Europa Cinemas Label as Best European film in the Directors’ Fortnight section, it was announced today by a...

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Activities - 25/05/2012

9th Edition of the International Training for Cinema Exhibition Professionals

The CICAE organises an international training program for exhibitors. It is dedicated to art young professionals aspiring to become film programmers or cinema managers and to film programmers or...

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Highlights - 14/05/2012

Europa Cinemas at Cannes 2012

We'll be pleased to meet you at the Europa Cinemas stand (Pavillon européen) during all the festival. The EUROPA CINEMAS NETWORK MEETING will take place on Saturday 19th May 2012, 15:00 to 17:30, at...

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The Network - 04/05/2012

Cinémas 93, Rencontres

Cinémas 93: a cultural activities network

The wealth of cinemas in Paris is well known. But in focusing too much on the city centre one tends to forget that the suburbs of Paris are also home to a vibrant assortment of dynamic arthouse...

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Highlights - 13/02/2012

European Film Promotion celebrates its 15 years

Since 1997, European Film Promotion (EFP) has made the promotion of European actors, directors and producers worldwide. EFP is present in most festivals and film markets as Berlin, Cannes, Toronto,...

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Highlights - 26/01/2012


Award for Entrepreneur of the Year: Prize-giving ceremony at Kino Muranow

Roman Gutek received the Europa Cinemas award for best Entrepreneur in the Kino Muranow on Sunday 18th December 2011. The ceremony took place on the occasion of the premiere of LE HAVRE, in the...

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The Network - 19/12/2011

Europa Cinemas Awards 2011, Abaton Kino

Europa Cinemas Awards 2011 - Best Programming

Abaton Kino, Hamburg, Germany"Film brings in the audience, and my job is to satisfy the audience with interesting, innovative films"– Matthias ElwardtCreated in 1970 and operated by...

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The Network - 12/12/2011

Digitalization: EU Parliament asserts that small cinemas should be helped

Digital equipment is too dear for small independent cinemas to be able to keep up with the digital revolution, say MEPs in a resolution voted on Wednesday.Small cinemas need EU help to make the...

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Highlights - 17/11/2011

12 European organizations demand MEDIA Programme be maintained

Twelve European audiovisual organisations have written an open letter to European Commission President José Manuel Durão Barroso, following the emerging rumours that the MEDIA Programme might be...

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Highlights - 25/02/2011

A look back at 2008 in the Network

With a 58% market share held by European films (35% of this for non-national European films) and nearly 11% by non-EU/US films, cinemas of the Network allow the whole diversity of the cinema to be...

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The Network - 15/05/2009

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