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Highlights - 15/01/2016


The documentary TOMORROW (DEMAIN) is proving a great success in France


This film by Cyril Dion and Mélanie Laurent was released on December 2nd, 2015 and, in six weeks of exhibition, has exceeded 370,000 admissions in French film theatres. There is a very positive buzz around the film which is currently being disseminated by Mars Distribution in 360 film theatres. The number of cinemas has been extended and weekly admissions have increased over the last three weeks. It was the most successful documentary in French cinemas in 2015, ahead of AMY (230,000 admissions) which was also distributed by Mars. It is set to exceed 500,000 admissions, thus matching the success achieved through word-of-mouth by IDA, MUSTANG and WADJDA in recent years. 


Prior to its launch in 154 cinemas, a good mix of multiplexes and independents, TOMORROW had enjoyed preview screenings with the directors present, particularly in many theatres in the Europa Cinemas network. Filmgoers had already been involved through the crowdfunding campaign that supported the production of the film. And network exhibitors gave very good feedback. For example, Sylvie Larroque from the Atalante Cinema in Bayonne referred to a 'well-constructed [documentary] with the ambitious aim of linking different issues (ecology, economy, education, agriculture) using an engaging, educational and positive tone.' For Jonathan Salas at the Castillet Cinema in Perpignan, 'its dynamism leaves filmgoers with the desire to apply locally the things they have seen on the screen.'


The film is currently beginning its international career in Poland, Belgium and French-speaking Switzerland, and has already received a positive welcome in the latter country with nearly 20,000 admissions in just 13 film theatres.


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Jb Selliez, January 2016


Aux Grignoux_Le Parc_Hélène Legrand

Cyril Dion at the cinema Le Parc in Liege, in Belgium (pictures: Hélène Legrand)