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Highlights - 25/06/2010


Roger Diamantis has left us


Roger Diamantis, who ran the Saint André des Arts cinema in Paris with a real passion for film, was one of the first members of our Network.  He has passed away at the age of 78.

Roger Diamantis set up the Saint André des Arts in 1971, a stone’s throw away from Boulevard Saint-Michel at the heart of the Quartier Latin.  He was exhibitor, programmer and manager of the 3 screens which were visited by many a generation of students, as well as a determined and risk-taking pioneer in his field.  When he chose a film, he defended it for months.  When he liked a director, he became a faithful follower.  He played an essential role in the discovery of international directors such as Alain Tanner, Wim Wenders, Nagisa Oshima, Ken Loach and his compatriots Marguerite Duras, Raymond Depardon, Nicolas Philibert and Alain Cavalier.

Martin Provost’s Séraphine recently had a sustained run and reach a large audience at the Saint André des Arts. A true film-lover, he would open the doors of his theatre every summer to retrospectives, re-releases and festivals where one could immerse oneself in the films of Bergman, Ozu and Godard, to name just a few. Diamantis was an exemplary exhibitor –resistant, demanding and committed – who perfected what we all dream to achieve: to introduce our audiences to quality European cinema.

Photo: Roger Diamantis ou la vraie vie (Roger Diamantis or real life), documentary by Elise Girard