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Ted Hope

Ted Hope on Festivals, Fans, Audiences and Communities

Ted Hope, Executive Director at the San Francisco Film Society, recently gave the keynote address at the International Film Summit in Austin, Texas. Here's his speech.The text was...

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Metropolis Sofil

Europa Cinemas Mundus in Lebanon

A Round Table on Distribution and Release of European and Arab Films in Lebanon and the Arab World will take place on Friday 9 December 2012 at the Institut français in Beirut.Within the Framework of...

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Highlights - 28/11/2012

Open Letter from Europe's cinema exhibitors

The European institutions are currently rethinking their approach to promoting the well-being of the European film industry in several domains: competition policy; copyright; digital distribution;...

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Highlights - 17/09/2012

D-Cinema: Welcome to

An English version of Manice is now available. Manice was launched in France at the beginning of 2006. The aim of the website is to provide straightforward explanations on digital cinema techniques,...

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Highlights - 18/06/2012

MEDIA support for the digitization of cinemas

The call for proposal MEDIA 2012 concerning the support for the digitization of cinemas in European countries has just been launched. It specifically concerns theatres in which at least one screen...

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Highlights - 01/06/2012

9th Edition of the International Training for Cinema Exhibition Professionals

The CICAE organises an international training program for exhibitors. It is dedicated to art young professionals aspiring to become film programmers or cinema managers and to film programmers or...

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Highlights - 14/05/2012

Release of the Greek classic STELLA in France: Interview

In 2009 Marc Olry, prop master by profession, created the Lost Films distribution company to share his passion for a few forgotten films with French filmlovers. After achieving noteworthy results...

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Highlights - 11/05/2012
Cinémas 93, Rencontres

Cinémas 93: a cultural activities network

The wealth of cinemas in Paris is well known. But in focusing too much on the city centre one tends to forget that the suburbs of Paris are also home to a vibrant assortment of dynamic arthouse...

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Highlights - 13/02/2012

„Berlinale goes Kiez“ 2012

In 2012, the Berlinale’s Flying Red Carpet will again travel from arthouse cinema to arthouse cinema to visit Berlin’s movie lovers in “their” neighbourhoods. On each of seven evenings, from Saturday...

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Highlights - 09/02/2012

European Film Promotion celebrates its 15 years

Since 1997, European Film Promotion (EFP) has made the promotion of European actors, directors and producers worldwide. EFP is present in most festivals and film markets as Berlin, Cannes, Toronto,...

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Highlights - 26/01/2012

Mariette Rissenbeek, Managing Director, German Films

With the 16th Festival of German Films in Paris opening this week, we spoke to Mariette Rissenbeek, Managing Director of German Films, the national information and advisory centre for the promotion...

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Highlights - 01/01/2012