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Digitalization: EU Parliament asserts that small cinemas should be helped

Digital equipment is too dear for small independent cinemas to be able to keep up with the digital revolution, say MEPs in a resolution voted on Wednesday.Small cinemas need EU help to...

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Lionello Cerri new president of Anec

The Italian exhibitor and producer Lionello Cerri, a well-known figure in the Europa Cinemas network which he has been part of since its inception, is the new president of Anec (National Association...

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Highlights - 17/11/2011

Christiane Schleindl, Federation of Community Cinemas, Germany

The ‘Bundesverband kommunale Filmarbeit’ or German Federation of Community Cinemas has 170 member cinemas which represent 4% of national screens. Some of them are members of Europa Cinemas, like the...

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Highlights - 09/08/2011

Watershed (UK) calls for international shorts submissions: DepicT! and Electric December

- Ultra-shorts (DepictT!) - Shorts by under-21 years old (Electric December) DepicT! is Watershed’s international short film competition as part of Encounters International Film Festival that...

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Highlights - 20/07/2011

3 Questions for Tomas Prasek, Eventival

Tomas Prasek is one of the founders of the Eventival platform. Based in Prague, this company provides services, advice and tools to enable film festivals to enhance their promotional activities....

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Highlights - 29/06/2011

François Scippa-Kohn, Programmation et Distribution, Bellissima Films, Paris

Why did you decide to establish a distribution company dedicated exclusively to Italian cinema? The impulse came from Fabio Conversi, president of the production company Babe Films, who's involved in...

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Highlights - 08/06/2011

Interview with Karl Markovics - By Andreas Wiseman, Screen International - Breathing picked up the Europa Cinemas Label in Cannes last week.

Austrian stage and screen actor Karl Markovics, best known for his turn in Oscar winner The Counterfeiters, makes his directorial debut withBreathing (Atmen) , the story of a young man trying to...

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Highlights - 27/05/2011

12 European organizations demand MEDIA Programme be maintained

Twelve European audiovisual organisations have written an open letter to European Commission President José Manuel Durão Barroso, following the emerging rumours that the MEDIA Programme might be...

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Highlights - 25/02/2011

Alternative content: the great invasion?

The growth of digital projection has been accompanied these recent years by the development of the “alternative" content offer. Here we take a look at these new practices from the point of view...

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Highlights - 21/01/2011