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Activities - 14/01/2014


Europa Cinemas @Art House Convergence Conference (USA, January 13-16, 2014)


Three exhibitors of the Europa Cinemas Network are participating in the 7th annual Art House Convergence Conference in Midway, Utah from 13 to 16 January.

In a session moderated by Fatima Djoumer (Head of International Relations, Europa Cinemas), panelists Sylvain Chevreton (Le Méliès, France), Maria-Magdalena Gierat (Kino Pod Baranami, Poland) and Joan Parsons (Showroom Cinema, Great Britain) will discuss about:  

Renewing And Developing Cinema Audiences In The Era Of Multimedia”, investigating the following issues:

  • Developing a keen eye and fostering a critical mind in young film viewers.
  • The film theatre as an essential partner for schools in their film education programmes.
  • Programming and partnership strategies to target new audiences.
  • Social networks and new media: how to get young people's attention and direct them towards European cinema?
  • Film-makers and film-goers: practical skills to encourage talent and love of cinema.
  • How the big screen can continue to shape audiences for film as an art and entertainment form? 


In a second panel (on Thursday 16th) chaired by Fatima Djoumer (Head of International Relations, Europa Cinemas) together with Ross Fitzsimons (Mr. Wolf, Great Britain), Adeline Monzier (US Representative of Unifrance Films), Brigitte Hubmann (Principal Advisor, Promotion and International Festivals, TeleFilm Canada), Ira Deutchman (Managing Partner, Emerging Pictures, US) & Brian Andreotti (Head of Marketing - Music Box Films, Director of Programming – Music Box Theatre, US) will take part in a discussion on What Is The Future Of Foreign Film And Its Audience In The US?, investigating the following issues:  

  • What role do events and festivals play in the distribution of foreign titles?  
  • How is the distribution of foreign film evolving with digital projection?
  • How does the cinema venue take over from the distributor when promoting foreign films?
  • What role does VoD play in the marketing of foreign films?


More about Art House Convergence Conference 


The Art House Convergence Conference is an educational program organized by the Art House Convergence. At this important annual conference, delegates enjoy inspirational speakers, informative sessions and panel discussions that provide productive tips about programming, marketing, fundraising, technology and industry trends to help improve the quality and effectiveness of community-based, mission-driven art house cinemas.