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Activities - 14/09/2011


27 Times Cinema - The Portraits - Adrian Irala - Renoir - Madrid - Spain


Could you introduce yourself?

¡Hola! I´m Adrian, from Madrid, Spain, I´m 20 years-old, and I´m studying Industrial Engineering at University.  This steals most of my time, but still allows me some moments of peace which I spend on my passions, family and friends. I´m passionate about cinema, whether it is escaping one afternoon to the theatre, watching a film at home with friends, or just learning and reading about it. I also love music, I´m a technology geek, and have recently discovered photography.
How long have you been going to the cinema?

I can´t remember my first time in a cinema. As we were triplets, my parents were always very busy with us, but I still remember going to the theatre with them. Anyway, I remember watching a lot of movies at home, from Disney animations, to 80s and 90s classics. As my father works on T.V, we had plenty of devices, Beta and VHS players and lots of videotapes! It was since I was about 12 when I remember going more frequently to the cinema with my friends.
Why do you like cinema?  Why do you prefer cinema to other media or to books, for example?

The reason why I like cinema, and why I prefer it to other media is that it brings together all the emotions you get from the other arts. You´ve got music, powerful  soundtracks, which complement pictures full of lights and colours, as if they were taken from paintings; you´ve got plots and dialogues from literature, brought to life by wonderful actors; and movement, camera angles and editing, recreating the motion of dancing. It is a very direct and beautiful way to communicate ideas and emotions to our senses, whilst sharing them with other people at the same time.
Tell us what type of cinema do you prefer? Which films are particularly important to you?

I particularly love old classic comedies and thrillers, with their magnificent scripts; action, adventure and science-fiction films from the 80s and 90s, which are rarely being made nowadays; strong dramas with emotive performances; and being surprised and amazed with independent films and the unique vision and style of their authors. Films that tell stories with heart and authenticity are the ones I most care about.
What are your 3 favourite films?

I just can´t know for sure how many times I watched Inglourious Basterds in the cinema, but what I know is that I enjoyed it more and more each time. I´ve always liked Tarantino, and the script, cinematography and performances makes this film one of my favourites. There are films that from the moment you watch them for the first time when you are little, you know they are going to stay with you the rest of your life, and it happens to me with Toy Story. I confess I´m a huge fan of Pixar, and I have particularly a special affection for this movie. And finally, if I shall name three, one of them must be The Dark Knight, from Christopher Nolan.

Do you participate to film forums online? Do have your own blog? Do you make films yourself?

I frequent film blogs and read film magazines and I´ve just opened a blog, "", where I´ll be talking about my experiences at Venice Days, as well as other film stuff.
I´ve been making videos and having fun with the camera and computer editing since I was little, but haven´t put them online. I´ve had some film projects in mind for a while now, and I hope I can work on them soon!

What do you think of European cinema?  What does European cinema represent for you?

Europe is very diverse. Cinema is the perfect media for representing the cultural identity of each country, and spreading it to other nations, and that´s what European cinema mean to me: from the topic it addresses, to its rhythm and the characters’ behaviour, each one of them expressing the individuality of each society. It´s a kind of cinema we must protect and promote.

Do you feel European? Do you travel often in Europe? Have you ever lived abroad?

In just the past year, I´ve been so far to Greece, Italy, France, Belgium and The Netherlands, so I guess I can say I do travel often in Europe! In spite of the difference in languages and small cultural differences, it really felt almost as comfortable as being home, so I suppose that must be the European feeling. I haven´t lived abroad though, but it´s something that I´d like to try in the following years!

Which cinema are you representing at 27 Times Cinema? What do you like most about this venue?

I´m representing is Cines Renoir. I live in a small town near Madrid where I´m surrounded by big theatres in shopping centres, so it´s really worth going into to the city centre to watch movies in Renoir cinemas. They are smaller, but they offer a movie selection you can´t find elsewhere. Once inside, you´ll find a very cinematic ambient, with people who really love cinema, and, most importantly, it´s one of the few places you can watch a film in its original language! I respect and sometimes like the work dubbing actors do, and the importance they have in the industry in my country, but I believe that to completely enjoy a film it must be watched in its original version.

What are your habits as a film-goer?

Friday evenings and weekends are usually the moments I go to the cinema. If I can, I don´t miss a premiere, and for the last years I´ve normally gone to the cinema once a week. On the whole I go with my friends, occasionally with family, but I try to be in good company, as it becomes a more enjoyable experience, and allows you to discuss it after the screening. Then, having some drinks or dinner with them before and after the movie makes your day! I really love being sat in the theatre, laughing and getting scared along with the people surrounding you: darkness and a big screen are the best way to enjoy cinema.

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