Le bruit des glaçons

Director : Bertrand Blier

Production year : 2010

Country : France

Cast : Jean Dujardin, Albert Dupontel, Anne Alvaro, Myriam Boyer, Audrey Dana, Christa Théret

Synopsis : The story of a man who is visited by his cancer, which decided it would be a good idea if the two got to know each other better. “The idea for this film came about 20 years ago, inspired by a man who, I think, had the face of a cancer! Every so often I thought back on it, I re-imagined it, but I didn’t really consider making a film about it. Then, one day, I suddenly wrote very quickly and with great pleasure, a story of approximately 40 pages.” (Bertrand Blier).

Country Release date Titles
Belgium 2010-09-08 Le bruit des glaçons
France 2010-08-25 Le bruit des glaçons
United Kingdom 2011-02-04 The Clink of Ice




The Clink of Ice

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