Maarek hob

Director : Danielle Arbid

Production year : 2003

Country : France

Other country(-ies) : Belgium, France, Germany, Lebanon

Cast : Marianne Feghali, Rawia El Chab, Laudi Arbid, Anoui Kawass, Carmen Leboss

Synopsis : Beirut, 1983. Lina, a twelve year old girl, doesn’t care about the war. Her secret, rebellious childhood centres around Siham, her aunt´s maid. The little girl takes it upon herself to monitor the eighteen year old ; She supervises Siham´s clandestine dates and defends her interests... However, Lina seems to be as invisible to the maid as she is to her family, in particular her father: a destructive, philandering gambler.; In a precarious wartime daily existence where passion and frustrations overshadow everything, Lina inadvertently reaches into the adult world. Unaware of the existence of good or evil...

Country Release date Titles
Germany Liebeskriege
Europe Maarek hob
Finland Taistelukentillä
France 2004-12-29 Dans les champs de bataille
Lebanon Maarek hob




In the Battlefields

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