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The Network - 09/09/2009


Vanessa Ode, Programmer for Les Lobis cinema in Blois, France



 The standard bearer in the Cap’Cinéma network, Les Lobis, in Blois, will reopen on 23 September 2009 following refurbishments to the premises and with some adjustments to the programming. The film theatre became a Europa Cinemas network cinema this year. What is more, two of the three screens will be equipped with 2K digital projectors which have been implemented as part of the deployment deal signed by Cap’Cinéma with the firm Ymagis. Here, we take a look back at these refurbishments in the company of Vanessa Ode, the programmer responsible for Art House & Young Audiences at Cap’Cinéma.

What is it that characterises the Cap’Cinéma network?

For the past 10 years, Cap’Cinéma has acquired and opened eleven establishments in medium sized regional towns (five complexes, one miniplex and five multiplexes). The network programming therefore combines “popular” films and films encompassing Art House & Young Audiences, in other words a balanced mix between entertainment and culture. The network continues to develop, in particular with the opening in autumn 2011 of a multiplex - Porte des Lilas - featuring seven film theatres with 1,500 seats, dedicated to films d’auteur in Paris.
Blois is the main branch of Cap’Cinéma. We are present in the city with the three screens at Les Lobis, the first cinema, in its city centre location, opened in 1977 and taken over by Philippe Dejust in 2000, and with a multiplex in the outskirts. Moreover, this is the same configuration as in Montauban and Carcassonne, where we are also present with a multiplex and a city centre cinema venue.

What is the offering by Les Lobis?

The Les Lobis cinema is a cultural venue to complement the other cultural institutions in the city. It offers a very diverse cinematographic landscape compared with the Ciné Dimanche, the association created by the city of Blois, which offers films for Young Audiences and compared with the local cinema enthusiasts’ association, Ciné’Fil, which offers a complementary range of arthouse films. Ciné’Fil programmes the cinema part of the festival “Les Rendez-vous de l’Histoire”, which now takes in a range of cultural sites in the city and has acquired a name for itself internationally. This association also organises a week of Italian cinema and a Hispanic week.
Cap’Cinéma is responsible for most of the programming. The work with the cinema enthusiasts’ associations backs up this cultural cohesion, in accordance with agreements tailored to the cinema.

Les Lobis closed for the whole summer during the renovation work. How will the cinema look on its reopening?

The foyer will be more spacious and comfortable. The cinema will have a multipurpose mission. There will be exhibitions in conjunction with the cinema and musical programming. A catering area will be open to all. As well as films, film theatre 1 will host jazz concerts throughout the year: the stage will be enlarged and equipped with a sound and lighting team. We will be kicking off the musical season with All That Jazz sponsored by Alain Manoukian, with China Moses, The Puooini Sister … 

Cap’Cinéma has announced it will be deploying digital projection. What does this mean for Les Lobis?

Two screens will be equipped in September (film theatres 1 and 3). To our mind, digital ought to allow us to distribute all films and therefore make new discoveries… albeit if independent distributors offer films on this format. For the time being, it is not really the case. The only one I have on my list at the moment is The White Ribbon by Michael Haneke.

What does it mean to you to belong to Europa Cinemas?

Being a member of Europa Cinemas is synonymous with quality. This membership of the network demonstrates our ambition to provide cohesive programming with European films occupying an important place in this work.
Ciné Dimanche:
Les Rendez-vous de l’histoire, 8 to 11 October 2009:

Picture Vanessa Ode:  © C. B.

Interview led by Jean-Baptiste Selliez & Stéphanie Dufour,
September 2009