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The Network - 17/12/2013


Europa Cinemas Awards 2013 - Best Entrepreneur


It was in 1982, in Pamplona, that Josetxo Moreno got together with his present patner Otilioi Garcia and three more friends to open his first cinema, Golem Bayona, and started up Golem Distribución. Today the Golem circuit comprises 7 theatres, four of which are network members. The 23 screens are all digitised. The first theatre to join the network was Golem Yamaguchi in 1996, followed by Van Golem Arlanzón in Burgos in 2004, Golem Madrid in 2009 and finally Golem Alhóndiga in Bilbao in 2012. With these cinemas joining the network one after the other, Josetxo Moreno has shown his ongoing commitment for the circulation of European cinema in the Spanish market, despite the fact that it has been under pressure for several years.


The Golem cinemas have created an identity for themselves, notably by programming films in the original version, a practice that is not very widespread in Spain. Whereas many Spanish distributors refuse to release two versions of a film for financial reasons, Golem Distribución works to ensure that cinemas always have the choice. To satisfy all audiences and according to the type of film, screenings in the original version and the dubbed version may be programmed alongside each other. Today the Golem lineup counts almost 250 films, including numerous prestigious European titles, from CAESAR MUST DIE  by the Taviani brothers to AMOUR by Michael Haneke and latest Label winners THE BROKEN CIRCLE BREAKDOWN and THE NOTEBOOK. Among the films recently acquired are the Paradise trilogy by Ulrich Seidl and THE GOLDEN DREAM, the first film by Diego Quemada-Diez, which was screened in the Un Certain Regard section at the Cannes Film Festival in 2013. These films are also for sale on DVD via the online service Cameo.

To thwart the piracy scourge in the Iberian Peninsula, Golem has developed its legal offering online since 2006. The platform Filmin, built in cooperation with the main distributors and producers of independent cinema (Alta Films, Continental, el Deseo, Tornasol and Wanda Vision), was launched in 2010. In June 2011 the platform won the Time Out prize for the most innovative project, and in 2012, the prize of the city of Barcelona for creativity and innovation.

Pictures, from top: Adolfo and Josetxo Moreno