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The Network - 20/11/2009


Europa Cinemas Awards 2009 - Best Programming


Kino Pod Baranami

Kino Pod Baranami, Cracow (Poland)

„Being a member of Europa Cinemas is itself very prestigious in the first place. But the knowledge that we've been noticed and recognised among cinemas of the same profile – that is extraordinary,” says Maria Gierat of Cracow's Kino Pod Baranami about being named as the winners of this year's Best Programming Award.

As Maria explains, membership of the Europa Cinemas Network has certainly had its advantages: „I believe that the fact we are members of Europa Cinemas makes us more trustworthy and serious partners. I'm sure that this fact helped me in getting many of the titles we screened. The second and very important point is the financial support we receive from Europa Cinemas for promoting European films and the Young Audience programme. I'm quite sure that, without that support, our existence could be endangered.”

The majority of the films shown in the cinema are European, with a broad spectrum of genres, forms and topics – from feature films, shorts, and documentaries through animation and experimental films to films shot on mobile phones and video art.

„Each year, Kino Pod Baranami hosts numerous national and international film festivals,” Maria continues. „In 2009, we have cooperated with the Cracow Film Festival, Oberhausen On Tour, Manhattan Short Film Festival, PLANETE Doc Review, Unsound Festival, OFF PLUS CAMERA International Independent Film Festival, and the ArtBoom visual art festival.”

Throughout the year, the cinema also offers special seasons dedicated to Latin American, African or Indonesian cinema, among others, as well as being the organiser of the Silent Film Festival and co-organiser of the About Love Among OTHERS Queer Film Festival.

„We give special attention to the young audience." There has been a cooperation with the Nowe Horyzonty Association on the implementation of an educational programme for schools, and the film academy was attended by more than 1,600 students from the Malopolska Region in the current school year.

Pictures (from left):
Kino Pod Baranami, Maria and Bozena Gierat