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The Network - 08/12/2017


Call for expressions of interest: Europa Cinemas Validation Committee


Europa Cinemas is looking for members of the Validation Committee to examine the programming results of network theatres, as well as new applications. This call for expressions of interest aims at identifying and selecting the Committee’s future members.



- Increase and diversify programming in cinemas for European films and raise attendance for them, with a priority on non-national films.

- Encourage European exhibitors in their initiatives to attract Young Audiences.

- Develop a network of cinemas that can set up joint activities at the national and European level.

- Encourage innovative practices in the promotion of films and communication with the audiences.



Europa Cinemas grants financial support (see 2017 Guidelines) to its Network member theatres, according to the following scheme:

o             The main support is awarded in increments ranging from €15,500 maximum for one screen to €45,500 maximum for 15 screens or more. It is divided as follows :

o             A maximum of 80% of the support is granted for principally non-national European programming, calculated based on number of screenings.

o             A maximum of 20% of the support is granted to encourage exhibitors’ initiatives to attract Young Audiences (Young Audiences support capped at €5,000). See Young Audiences Guidelines

o             Three bonuses can be granted in addition to the main support:

o             A bonus for diversity for the number of European nationalities represented in their programme,

o             A bonus for films that have been awarded the Europa Cinemas Label,

o             A bonus for partnerships between exhibitors and online distribution platforms.

To validate this support, a Validation Committee is appointed to analyse and approve the activities and programming of member cinemas, as well as the proposed amounts of support, and the applications of new cinema theatres.


This call for expressions of interest gives information on:

o             The role and nomination of the Committee’s members



Role of the members

Committee members will support Europa Cinemas with the following:

-              The analysis and validation of the network members’ programming results,

-              The validation of the used methodology as well as the proposed amounts of support,

-              The analysis and validation of the applications to the network.

The role of the Committee is to provide a fair, impartial and consistent analysis and validation of network theatres’ results and of new applications, following an initial assessment by the Europa Cinemas team. Committee members must ensure that an equal treatment is being granted to all cinemas, and observe that the methodology and allocation of support are being respected.


How to apply

This call is aimed exclusively at Europa Cinemas member theatres.

Expressions of interest will be written in English and/or French via a form available upon request. 

Candidates must enclose their CV, as proof of the required skills and professional experience.


Selection criteria

Candidates must:

-              Have been working for a Europa Cinemas’ member theatre for at least 2 years,

-              Have a good knowledge of distribution and exhibition markets, allowing them to evaluate the cinemas’ programming results as well as the new applications to the Network,

-              Be fluent in English or French,

-              Be available for this analysis and validation process twice a year.


General description of the procedure

The deadline for applying is Sunday, January 14h 2018.

Applications must be sent by email to and

Incomplete applications will not be taken into account. Europa Cinemas will select and submit the best applications to its Board of Directors.

Results will be published at the latest two months after the submission process has finished.

Committee members will be selected in agreement with the principles of equality and nondiscrimination.

Decisions will be communicated to the selected applicants who will sign a confidentiality agreement.

Members of the Committee will be appointed for one year term and are eligible for reappointment for one additional year.


Nomination of the members, code of conduct and conflict of interest

Eight members are nominated for one year, renewable once, on the basis of their belonging to the network and their experience and knowledge of the audiovisual industry. They do not represent their employer, nor their country or any other institution. Geographic origin, linguistic skills and the applicants’ professional profile will also be considered. The selection process will seek to choose the most suitable candidates, while also paying attention to gender equality.

After the selection, the members of the committee will receive a nomination letter, validated by the Board of Directors. This nomination is for one year and will cover two Validation Committees (April and October). Along with their nomination letter, members will received the Guidelines, the Internal Rules and the Methodology. All information related to the evaluation of cinema theatres’ reports or applications is confidential. Therefore, the members of the committee are neither allowed to disclose information about the programming reports, nor about the evaluation and selection process of candidates to any third party.

The members of the committee should not intervene during the validation of the results of the cinema in which they are employed.

Members of the committee will receive all the required documents for the evaluation process before the committee.


Expertise conditions

Before each session Europa Cinemas will send out the Guidelines, the Internal Rules, the Summary Sheets and the available data about the territories and markets concerned. Along with these documents, a technical and procedural datasheet will be sent, for the Committee’s better comprehension and analysis.

The Committee’s decisions will take into account all the provided figures and the quality of the reports and of the applications.

The members of the committee will validate a limited number of countries. This distribution will be made in consideration of their linguistic skills and their geographical origin.

The Validation Committee is invited to participate to two annual sessions:

-              End of April 2018 in Paris: once the Summary Sheets (according to geographical skills), Guidelines, Internal Rules and Methodology have been sent, one full day is scheduled to evaluate and validate the results of the previous year and the new applications. Travel expenses and accommodation will be covered by Europa Cinemas.

-              End of October 2018: Europa Cinemas will send to the members of the Committee the candidates’ Summary Sheets, pictures and a mapping of applying cinemas, the Guidelines and the Methodology. The members will send to Europa Cinemas their evaluation and validation by mail within a set deadline. The evaluation session will be completed through a Conference call.

The members of the Validation Committee should guarantee the equality in the treatment of the cinema theatres’ reports and new applications as well as the respect of the methodology and the allocation of support.

At the moment of the evaluation, members of the Validation Committee are not authorised to contact the exhibition companies whose reports are submitted.

Each member will receive 300 euros of compensation for each session of the Validation Committee.


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