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Europa Cinemas Awards 2013 - Best Entrepreneur

It was in 1982, in Pamplona, that Josetxo Moreno got together with his present patner Otilioi Garcia and three more friends to open his first cinema, Golem Bayona, and started up Golem...

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Europa Cinemas Awards 2013 - Best Young Audience Activities

The Young Audiences Prize for 2013 was awarded to Studio des Ursulines (Florian Deleporte and Louis-Paul Desanges), a member of the Network since 2002. The Prize recognises the efforts made by...

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The Network - 17/12/2013

Europa Cinemas Awards 2013 - Best Programming

Kino Artis (Tiina Teras), located in Tallinn city centre, has been a member of the Network since 2011. This year it stands out for its particularly high level of non-national European programming,...

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The Network - 17/12/2013

Colombia: Cinema Paraíso and Las Americas within the framework of digitisation

The Colombian cinema market is engaged in an extensive development. On one side, in relation to production and filmmaking and, on the other, to screening and distributing films, due to the phenomenon...

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The Network - 05/12/2013
Festival Timezrit

Algeria: L’Envol de la Cigogne

At the start of July, the second edition of L’Envol de la Cigogne (the Flight of the Stork), an Algerian film festival for young audiences, was held in the city of Timezrit, to the east of Algiers....

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The Network - 02/08/2013
Europe MEDIA

Apply for Membership - Europa Cinemas / MEDIA

Applications will be examined by the Europa Cinemas Committee of Experts in October 2013. You can read the MEDIA Guidelines on this website for the support scheme and the conditions for...

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The Network - 03/07/2013

Europa Cinemas supports the cultural exception

May 19 2013, Cannes: the 300 exhibitors from the Europa Cinemas Network who attended the annual meeting in Cannes today welcomed Ms. Aurélie Filipetti (Minister of Culture and Communication), Ms....

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The Network - 19/05/2013

Europa Cinemas at Cannes 2013

We'll be pleased to meet you at the Europa Cinemas stand (Pavillon européen) during all the festival.On the occasion of the 66th Cannes Film Festival , the EUROPA CINEMAS NETWORK MEETING will take...

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The Network - 13/05/2013

A warning signal on independent cinema in Spain

Meeting on the weekend in Paris, the members of Europa Cinemas’ Board of Directors and Committee of Experts learned with astonishment and sadness of the bankruptcy proceedings initiated by the...

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The Network - 22/04/2013