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Carles Ribas, Responsible for the cinema Truffaut, Girona

In Girona, the cinephiles rule! Cinema Truffaut, member of Europa Cinemas since 2003 which just celebrated its 10 years, is unique in Spain, in that it is managed, with public...

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Watershed Media Centre

Europa Cinemas Awards 2010 - Entrepreneur of the Year

Watershed, Bristol (United Kingdom)Located in Bristol’s historic harbourside, Watershed was opened in 1982 as the UK’s first media centre and offers three cinemas, a large café/bar and a suite of...

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The Network - 18/11/2010
Kinodvor, Ljubljana

Europa Cinemas Awards 2010 - Best Young Audience Activities

Kinodvor, Ljubljana (Slovenia)“Over the past two years we have put a lot of effort into the development of special programmes for young audiences and building the first systematic film-educational...

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The Network - 18/11/2010
Skalvijos Kino Centras

Europa Cinemas Awards 2010 - Best Programming

Skalvijos Kino Centras, Vilnius (Lithuania)“It means a big responsibility to keep the level of the quality and diversity of the programming, develop new ideas and projects,” says Vilma Levickaite of...

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The Network - 18/11/2010

Robert Rider, Director of cinema at the Barbican Centre, London

What work do you do to encourage kids to take an active interest in film? Is it hard to persuade kids to see a wide variety of films at the cinema ?We run the London Children´s Film Festival, which...

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The Network - 08/11/2010

Léa Morin, Director General of The Cinematheque de Tanger, Morocco

Since it opened three years ago, the Cinematheque de Tanger has become one of the emblematic sites for film lovers on the African continent. The photographer Yto Barrada handles the artistic...

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The Network - 09/09/2010

Ian Wall, Founder and Managing Director of Film Education, UK

In the average year, Film Education’s activities reach an estimated, impressive 2.4 million school children across the UK, or just over 25% of the entire population in that age range. We interviewed...

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The Network - 08/07/2010

The regional policy of the European Commission and the digitalisation of cinemas:

Many independent cinemas will not be able to finance digital projection equipment alone or with the VPF systems proposed by third-party investors. Consequently certain theatres look to their...

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The Network - 23/06/2010

A look back at 2009

4% increase for European films across the Europa Cinemas NetworkPRESS RELEASE European cinema consolidates its position in the NetworkAccording to analyses of the European Audiovisual Observatory,...

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The Network - 12/05/2010

Interview with Enrique Perez Font, President of Cines Verdi (Spain)

Enrique Perez look back over the issue of Digital Cinema in Spain, and over the topical outline in the film exhibition sector of this country : independant exhibition, piracy, dubbing situation,...

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The Network - 11/05/2010

Dominique Bax, director of the Magic Cinéma in Bobigny

The Magic Cinéma is the iconic establishment in Bobigny, a town of 50,000 people located to the north-east of Paris in the department of Seine-Saint-Denis. Last year it became part of the Europa...

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The Network - 20/04/2010

The Lux, in Caen, celebrates its 50th anniversary

In Caen festivities for Cinéma Lux are taking place at every turn. The cinema is celebrating half a century of activity with a host of different events. We look back over the history of this venue,...

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The Network - 23/02/2010