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Slovenia – Working towards a network of cinemas for the move to digital

The third pilot project supported by Europa Cinemas within the context of the mini-network activities took place in Ljubljana on 24/25 November 2009. Initiated by directors of the...

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Folkets Hus Och Parker

Europa Cinemas Awards 2009 - Best Entrepreneur

Folkest Hus och Parker (FHP) (Sweden) Sweden's Folkets Hus och Parker (FHP), The National Federation of People's Parks and Community Centres, faced a number of challenges when it started Europe's...

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The Network - 20/11/2009

Europa Cinemas Awards 2009 - Best Young Audience Activities

Multisala Pio X & Excelsior, Padova (Italy)„It's great to work with the kids because they get involved a lot and the emotions from the film leave a deep impression on them and even overwhelm...

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The Network - 20/11/2009
Kino Pod Baranami

Europa Cinemas Awards 2009 - Best Programming

Kino Pod Baranami, Cracow (Poland)„Being a member of Europa Cinemas is itself very prestigious in the first place. But the knowledge that we've been noticed and recognised among cinemas of the same...

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The Network - 20/11/2009

Kino Pionier 1909 celebrates its 100th anniversary

Szczecin’s Pionier 1909 cinema, the oldest continuously-operating cinema in the world, celebrates its 100th birthday. A glance back at the history of this cinema, which is today renowned for its...

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The Network - 17/11/2009

Czech Republic – Digital Day with Europa Cinemas at Uherské Hradiste

Encouraging network cinemas to develop joint projects relating to promotional activities and programming as well as discussions with the emphasis on digital issues: this is the aim of a new...

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The Network - 13/09/2009

Vanessa Ode, Programmer for Les Lobis cinema in Blois, France

The standard bearer in the Cap’Cinéma network, Les Lobis, in Blois, will reopen on 23 September 2009 following refurbishments to the premises and with some adjustments to the programming. The film...

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The Network - 09/09/2009

Digital – Norway signs with the studios

Norwegian film body, Film & Kino, has just signed with the US studios to set up the first national digital cinema network. Back on the conditions for a full rolling out that takes into...

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The Network - 21/07/2009

Kino Wisla, new member of the Europa Cinemas Network

Kino Wisla is a new member of the Europa Cinema Network. It has become Poland 15th cinema to be accepted into the pan-European network of exhibitors. Interview with Barbara Kwiatkowska-Przybyla,...

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The Network - 27/05/2009

A look back at 2008 in the Network

With a 58% market share held by European films (35% of this for non-national European films) and nearly 11% by non-EU/US films, cinemas of the Network allow the whole diversity of the cinema to be...

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The Network - 15/05/2009

Europa Cinemas theatres, hubs of activity at the heart of European towns

Although the Network’s theatres have a crucial part to play in determining the extent to which European cinema is disseminated, their role is not confined to film programming alone. They occupy a...

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The Network - 05/05/2009

Frédéric Henry, Jeune Public,organiser of activities for young audiences at the Cinémas du Palais in Créteil, THE PROJECT BORDERS

For several years Europa Cinemas has been following with interest the image-related education projects piloted by Frédéric Henry, who works with young audiences at the Cinémas du Palais in Créteil. A...

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The Network - 09/02/2009

Distribution agreement between Jekino and Le Parc/Folioscope Distribution

At the end of September Flemish distributor Jekino and Walloon distributor Le Parc/Folioscope Distribution announced the signing of a collaboration agreement for the distribution of children’s films...

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The Network - 15/01/2009