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2008, a triumphant year for Danish cinema

National films received an exceptional record share of the Danish market for cinema attendance in 2008: Danish films are doing well. An opportunity to look back on the titles which...

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LightHouse _ Access Cinema

Europa Cinemas Awards 2008 - Best Entrepreneur

LIGHT HOUSE CINEMA (DUBLIN) and access CINEMA (Ireland)Supporting "cultural diversity and personal expression in world cinema"It took almost twelve years for Light House Cinema to be...

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The Network - 14/11/2008
Kino Central

Europa Cinemas Awards 2008 - Best Young Audience Activities

KINO CENTRAL, HRADEC KRALOVE (Czech Republic)"Every second visitor of our cinema is a person under the age of thirty""We have always put an emphasis on the young audience," says...

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The Network - 14/11/2008
Arthouse Kinos

Europa Cinemas Awards 2008 - Best Programming

ARTHOUSE KINOS, ZURICH (Switzerland)"Programming is a very, very personal thing"Looking back on 30 years in the business, Zürich-based exhibitor This Brunner says things were much easier...

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The Network - 14/11/2008

Barbara Suhren, fsk Kino, Berlin

Berlin's fsk Kino, which has two screens with 100 and 62 seats, is celebrating its 20th birthday. An interview with exhibitor Barbara Suhren.What is the history of fsk Kino, and how is its...

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The Network - 09/08/2008

Festivals of animated film rocking cinemas in the East

Film theatres in the Europa Cinemas network are not only places for the expression of European films but are among the most dynamic film theatres in Europe in terms of their activities for young...

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The Network - 08/07/2008

Europa Cinemas à Cannes 2008

RECORD YEAR FOR EUROPA CINEMAS- Europa Cinemas theatres confirm their role as leader in the dissemination of European films with a record 63% of their screenings devoted to European films and 39% to...

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The Network - 09/05/2008