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Original initiative by the Kino Svetozor in Prague

Securing audience fidelity by making it possible to "adopt" one seat in the cinema.In 2008, the Kino Svetozor will celebrate its 90th anniversary. To celebrate this event it...

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Europa Cinemas Awards 2007 : Best Young Audience Activities

FILM CENTER OF GDANSK - NEPTUN-HELIKON-KAMERALNE - GDANSK (POLAND)Three cinemas in one, a stone's throw from the Baltic Sea. On a central square in Gdañsk, Poland's 6th largest city and cradle of...

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The Network - 16/11/2007

Europa Cinemas Awards 2007: Best Programming

FRIEDRICHSBAU & KANDELHOF, FREIBURG (GERMANY) -The Friedrichsbau cinema in the south-west university city of Freiburg had been operated by the "Palast-Betriebe Schmidt und Thiele"...

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The Network - 16/11/2007

Elvire Popesco Cinema, French Institute in Bucharest

On the occasion of the Network's 12th Annual Conference, which is being held in Bucharest from 15 to 18 November, we put 3 questions to Laurentiu Bratan, programmer for the Elvire Popesco cinema, a...

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The Network - 09/11/2007

Silvia Balea, Le Latina, Paris (France)

"Focus on Romanian cinema"In recent years, Europa Cinemasnetwork theatres have done much to promote Romanian filmmakers, organising several festivals across Europe and screening the first...

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The Network - 02/10/2007

Thierry Abel, Cinéma Arenberg, Brussels (Belgium)

"Emancipate the public"From 20 June through to 11 September, the long-running Ecran Total festival is taking place at Cinéma Arenberg in the Belgian capital. During what is something of a...

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The Network - 29/06/2007

Poland - Festivals on tour in network theatres

If a Spanish or Norwegian film festival comes to a town near you, the chances are that it will take place in a network theatre! Polish network theatres, which are particularly proactive in this...

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The Network - 31/05/2007

Jean-Thomas Bernardini, Director, Imovision (Brazil)

The support programme for European films in non-MEDIA countries has met with huge success. It has allowed numerous films to be screened in countries that have recognised film-going audiences but...

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The Network - 23/05/2007

European releases of films awarded the Europa Cinemas Label

Tough Enough will soon be appearing in France, following on from its release in Denmark. 12:08 East of Bucharest has recently arrived in Belgian and French theatres and Dark Blue Almost Black will...

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The Network - 19/01/2007