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Activities - 17/02/2012


UK’s ‘MY BROTHER THE DEVIL’ wins Europa Cinemas Label at the Berlinale


British film MY BROTHER THE DEVIL, directed by Sally El Hosaini has won the Europa Cinemas Label as Best European film in the Panorama section, it was announced today by a jury of four exhibitors from the Network. 2012 marks the 20th anniversary of the founding of the Europa Cinemas Network, and the eighth time the Label has been awarded in Berlin.

Press release

MY BROTHER THE DEVIL will now receive the support of the Europa Cinemas Network, with additional promotion and incentives for exhibitors to extend the film’s run on screen.

The jury issued the following statement:

“MY BROTHER THE DEVIL is a refreshingly subtle film from a very talented new British filmmaker. The film does not deal with drugs and violence in the stereotypical way it is usually portrayed in contemporary films about immigrant family life in European cities. Beautifully shot, the film draws you into the well-rounded characters’ lives and keeps you interested in each throughout. While MY BROTHER THE DEVIL was our choice for the Label, we want to highly commend Kirsten Sheridan’s DOLLHOUSE for its innovative approach, the atmosphere it creates, and the way it grips the audience throughout.”


Sold internationally by K5 Media Group, Sally El Hossaini is both the director and the screenwriter for MY BROTHER THE DEVIL. Producers are Gayle Griffiths, Julia Godzinskaya and Michael Sackler. Executive Producers are Sally El Hosaini and Mohamed Hefzy. The film is a Wild Horses Film Company, Rooks Nest Entertainment and Film Clinic Production.

Trailer on Youtube -

The film stars James Floyd, Saïd Taghmaoui, Nasser Memarzia and Fady Elsayed. The Director of Photography is David Raedeker, the Editor is Iain Kitching, Sound by Jovan Adjer, Music by Stuart Earl, Production Design by Stéphane Collonge, Art Direction by Pedro Moura, Costumes by Rob Nicholls and Make-Up by Emma Slater.

My Brother the Devil

MY BROTHER THE DEVIL is a story about two Arab brothers living in the dismal London borough of Hackney. Sensitive fourteen-year-old Mo idolises his nineteen-year-old brother Rashid who is able to support the family as a shrewd businessman and member of a gang of drug dealers. Rashid hopes that his younger brother Mo will choose a different path in life. When a rival gang stabs to death his best friend, Rashid begins to ask himself some hard questions about the life he is leading. An encounter with a photographer named Sayyid opens up a whole new world and new possibilities. When Rashid’s gang notices this change in one of their own they are full of suspicion. Feeling betrayed by Rashid, Mo soon becomes delinquent, and his whole world collapses when he discovers that his adored brother is gay. In order to protect himself and Rashid he claims that Rashid and Sayyid are involved in a jihadist plot. No sooner does the gang discover the truth than they are baying for Rashid’s blood. Mo will have to face his own prejudices if he wants to save his brother’s life.

Sally El Hossaini was born in Swansea to Welsh-Egyptian parents. She grew up in Cairo and was just seven years old when she published her first story. After studying in Durham, she taught English at a girls’ school in Sana’a in Yemen. A supporter of Amnesty International and a screenwriter, she was also a contributor to the award-winning BBC series HOUSE OF SADDAM. Her films include 2008 THE FIFTH BOWL, short • 2009 HENNA NIGHT, Documentary• 2011 CAMELIA, Director/Elahe Masssumi • Screenplay.

Jury and Team

The four Network exhibitors in this year’s jury were:

Giacomo Caldarelli - Cinema Zenith - Perugia (Italy);

Sylvain Chevreton - Le Méliès – Saint-Etienne (France) ;

Jörg Jacob - Provinz 80 Programmkino GmbH – Kaiserslautern (Germany);

Markus Wille - Filmclub im Takino - Schaan (Lichtenstein).