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Activities - 10/03/2014


Sofia – Thursday 13 to Sunday 16 March 2014


Europa Cinemas takes pleasure in launching a new seminar on the development of audiences, to be held at the next Sofia International Film Festival. Entitled New Approaches with new audiences in the digital era, the seminar will bring together thirty network professionals to discuss the most current issues: How does the cinema venue take over from the distributor when promoting films?How can social networks be used to promote cinemas and films to young Internet users? How to adapt marketing strategies set up in other sectors? How to train cinema staff to use the new technologies? How can the film theatre open its doors to new contents and new audiences?

In continuity with the work done at the annual conference, the Bologna Seminar and other annual meetings organised by Europa Cinemas, participants will explore the links between creativity, film education and new technologies, present current projects and brainstorm on new ones. At this first edition, moreover, Europa Cinemas and Europa Distribution will set up a joint half-day session providing a collective forum on how to attract new and younger audiences.

The sessions will be led by Madeleine Probst (Programme Producer, Watershed Media Centre in Bristol, UK), and hosted by Maciek Jakubczyk (Education Officer and Distribution Manager, New Horizons Association, Poland) and Mathias Holtz, (Programming Manager, Folkets Hus och Parker, Sweden). In all, thirty network exhibitors, programmers and activities managers from seventeen countries will take part in the event.


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