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Activities - 19/06/2013


Seminar The Audience of the Future in Mexico City: viva las redes!


The second edition of the seminar “The audience of the future”, co-organised from 6 – 8 June by Europa Cinemas, the Cineteca Nacional of Mexico and the Distrital Festival at the IFAL (French Institute of Latin America) ended on a resoundingly optimistic note.

 While last year the participants made no bones about their worries faced with the challenges posed by the digital transition, the conclusions arrived at this year suggest on the contrary that this evolution is now seen as a source of new opportunities. A change of paradigm that’s no doubt due in large part to the prospects offered by networking.

 Over 30 exhibitors, distributors and other professionals gathered during the three days of the seminar led by Madeleine Probst from the Watershed in Bristol, a Europa Cinemas member. She was seconded in this task by two other network members, Ivo Andrle of Kino Aero in Prague, and Leila Bourdoukan of Circuito Cinearte, which is present throughout Brazil.

 The discussions and practical workshops allowed participants to address in a very concrete way the opportunities as well as the risks presented by networking. The following conclusions were reached:

- networking is indispensable today for independent professionals, all the more so in the two-speed market of Mexican cinema;

- although it represents a unique opportunity for development, networking is not without risk: each party’s role must be well defined and the objectives must be constantly adapted to the realities faced by the cooperation project at hand;

- finally, networking allows participants to compare their experiences, and to question – and reinvent – themselves.

 Over and above these conclusions, several cooperation projects took root during the seminar. Some should see the light very soon, such as the one between several independent Mexican cinemas that will provide them with a broad catalogue of documentary films and help them improve their reporting tools vis-à-vis distributors.

The foundations for closer cooperation between the different independent Mexican cinema professionals have thus been laid. No doubt the next edition of the seminar will provide proof of the progress made. Till next year in Mexico City!

Below are links to the presentations of the various speakers as ppt.

  • Proludio , an alternative to the DCP technology, Ernesto Rimoch : An HD Digital Projection system for independent exhibitors (GB)
  • Cinépolis Klic , Elizabeth Hopkins: A VOD plaform with the best content, created in synergy with Cinepolis (ES)
  • Nuflick , Rodrigo Boyzo: An independend VOD plateform (ES)
  • Ambulante 2014 , Elena Fortes: Touring Festivals and Retrospectives focused on documentary (ES)
  • Aerofilms , Ivo Andrle: Presentation of the activities of Kino Aero, based on a model of an "ideal cinemagoer” (GB)
  • Grupo Espaço de Cinema , Leila Bourdoukan: How to work with partners and communities outside the cinema industry? (GB)


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