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Activities - 10/06/2013


Label: Already 100 000 admissions in Germany for THE BROKEN CIRCLE BREAKDOWN, Raft of Sales for THE SELFISH GIANT.


Europa Cinemas gives details on its two most recent Label winners: THE BROKEN CIRCLE BREAKDOWN by Felix Van Groeningen (BE) and THE SELFISH GIANT by Clio Barnard (GB).



After THE MISFORTUNATES, Felix Van Groeningen is back with his new film THE BROKEN CIRCLE BREAKDOWN. Presented in the Panorama section of the Berlinale, it won the Europa Cinemas Label for the best European film. Purchased widely internationally by The Match Factory , to date it will be distributed in forty or so countries, three quarters of them European

Released in Germany by Pandora on 25 April with 75 prints, it has already had almost 100,000 admissions (as of 2 June). We’ll soon see if this success is echoed in Austria, where it will be released by the distributor Filmladen on 14 June. The French release is planned for 28 August by Bodega , but a large-scale preview will take place on 17 June in Paris’s Max Linder , followed by a concert by Broken Circle Breakdown Bluegrass Band. 

List of distributors : Kinepolis Film Distribution (BE) / Wild Bunch (NL) / Filmcoopi (CH) / Njutafilms (SE) / Kinepolis Film Distribution (LU) / Demiurg (BX/RS/HR/SI) / Against Gravity (PL) / Independenta (RO) / Cirko (HU) / Maywin (CIS/LT/EE/LV) / Seven (GR) / Tour de force (NO) / Callisto Media service (DK) / Golem (ES) / Imovision (BR) / Kurmaca (TR) / Filmswelike (CA) / S.Y Comad (KR) / Eone (AU).

Variety : "The non-linear structure allows Felix van Groeningen to gradually flesh out his characters and the ups-and-downs of their lives".

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2013_The selfish Giant

With THE SELFISH GIANT, freely adapted from the fable by Oscar Wilde, Clio Barnard returns with her first feature-length film after her documentary THE ARBOR. Presented at the Directors’ Fortnight in Cannes, THE SELFISH GIANT is a small British masterpiece worthy of the films of Ken Loach. Let’s not forget, it won the Europa Cinemas Label at the Director's Fortnight.

To date it will be released in just shy of a dozen countries: in France by Pyramide Films , in Australia and New Zealand by Rialto Films , in Scandinavia and the Baltic countries by NonStop Entertainment , in Benelux by Cineart. Its French release is slated for 18 December.

Screen : "The film is gently dramatic, strikingly moving and impressively memorable, and confirms Clio Barnard as a talent to watch".

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As a reminder, the Europa Cinemas Label aims to encourage network exhibitors to extend the box-office runs of Label winners.

Next Label in Karlovy Vary ( June 28th - July 6th).