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Activities - 15/05/2013


Interview with Carlo Chatrian, artistic director of the Locarno Film Festival


Carlo Chatrian took over as artistic director of the Festival del film Locarno last September. At the forthcoming edition, he will launch a new partnership with our network around the Label Europa Cinemas and Step In project.

You’ve been faithful to the Festival de Locarno for many years. How will it develop under your direction?

I’ve attended the Festival del film Locarno since 1994 and I've worked there since 2002. My intention is to continue my predecessor’s work line. The Festival has undergone many changes over the past decade and I think what it needs is some continuity. The structure I inherited seems more efficient to help grow the Festival to an international level.

You suggested the Europa Cinemas Label would cover two sections. What kind of films these two selections highlight?

The Concorso Internazionale (International Competition) is a section that has no limitation in terms of gender or style, the only constraint being - to present world premiere films. My intention is to give a good balance between films by emerging filmmakers and those by recognized ones. The Concorso Cineasti del presente (Present Filmmakers Competition) is devoted to the first and second films and aims to discover new talents.

The partnership with Europa Cinemas also extends to the Step In project. What are the prospects of this project?

The goal is to focus on the distribution situation of European films in Central and Eastern Europe. The project aims to strengthen the links between exhibitors, distributors and sellers, and for this, creates exchanges to offer common solutions. It is important to remember that, in Locarno, Step In will be a conclusion to a series of debates and roundtables conducted in several festivals. Locarno therefore provides a platform for meetings and discussions between the main partners of Industry Days namely members of Europa International, Europa Distribution and Europa Cinemas.

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